Measures To Prevent Blocking Of Preheating Machine

- Oct 24, 2017-

1. In the condition that the chemical composition of raw meal cannot be changed, the high calcium high silica solution is used in addition to the ingredients, and the sulfur content in the fuel must be low to avoid the high sulphur cycle.

2. In the control room, whether in the just feed or in peacetime operation, so that the thermal stability, so that the coal wind material to achieve a balance, to avoid high temperature operation, to avoid large adjustments.

3. In the control room Tongren if found that the block wind pressure is not normal, immediately notify the site Tongren to go to check processing. 4. On-site Tongren must often remove the material pipe and the cone part of the material, so as to avoid too many materials too difficult to pass or too big to cut the material when the pipe stuck.

5. Each section locks the wind valve to be nimble, moreover must inspect, discovers the card to live or the baffle burns to replace promptly.

6. Each stop kiln, carefully check whether the inside of the cyclone is accumulated material, refractory material is intact, whether the inner cylinder should be replaced, further reduce the possibility of plugging material.