Mask Production Equipment Integrity Sales

- Jun 13, 2020-

Mask machine parameters:

   1. Floor area: length × width × height 4700mm × 1200mm × 1700mm;

   2. Applicable mask types: ordinary medical mask YT0969, surgical mask Y0469;

   3. Product specifications: 175mm×95mm;

   4. Production cycle: 120 pieces/minute;

   5. Applicable material: PP non-woven composite fiber;

   6. Applicable layers: 3 layers;

   7. Processing method: ultrasonic welding;

   8, air pressure: 0.6MPa;

   9. Power: 6kW;

   10. Power supply: single-phase 220V/50Hz or three-phase 380V/50Hz.

  Advantages and features of mask film machine:

   1. Mask semi-automatic film machine, the speed is adjustable, the product quality is stable, the operation is convenient, the production efficiency is high, 90-100 pieces/minute;

   2. All-aluminum profile machine is clean and beautiful, no welding, no paint spraying;

   3. Man-machine interface touch screen control, built-in time, total output, output of the day, set number automatic alarm and shutdown, digital key to adjust the filming speed;

   4. The motor adopts a three-phase gear motor, the magnetic wheel deceleration has a brake function, and the noise is extremely low;

   5. The mask is formed by ultrasonic welding, which has excellent performance and high-speed filming.

   How to do the maintenance and maintenance work for the mask film machine:

   First of all, daily maintenance should be in place. The principle is that lubrication, cleaning and cleaning (no dust and no debris) are in place to ensure that the sliding parts of the device are in good condition. Secondly, maintenance work, regular and irregular inspections of rotating parts. Implement regular adjustments, regular replacements, and make detailed records to achieve the purpose of extending the service life of the equipment.

  The application of mask film machine:

The finished mask body produced by the mask punching machine is not a final consumer product, but only a semi-finished product. It needs to be further processed to meet people's daily needs. Therefore, the mask body machine is only the beginning of the related mask production process. It is only used for the production of inner ear band masks, outer ear band masks, and bandage masks. For example, the production of bandage masks is to place the finished mask body on the machine conveyor, pass through the pull tube, and then After the ultrasonic flower wheel is pressed and welded, the strap is cut to output the finished product. Only one person needs to place the mask body on the conveyor belt of the machine, and the rest of the subsequent work is completed automatically. For example, the production process of the strap mask machine is as follows: The mask body piece is fed in-the strap is welded-the strap is cut off. The production process of the remaining masks, such as the outer earband and inner earband masks, is about the same as above.