Mask Machine Manufacturer With High Efficiency And Quality Assurance

- Jun 16, 2020-

The finished mask body produced by the mask punching machine is not a final consumer product, but only a semi-finished product. It needs to be further processed to meet people's daily needs. Therefore, the mask body machine is only the beginning of the related mask production process. It’s just a link.

  Air supply system of mask film machine: (composed of air source filter system, air pipe, cylinder)

   Check if there is water in the air filter cup, and drain the water to the air compressor by the way (water from the air compressor: water should be given to the air compressor every day in areas with high humidity). Check the air pipe for air leakage, the air cylinder for air leakage, the position of the cylinder magnetic anti-inductor and the normal operation.

   In addition: the equipment must not be exposed to corrosive liquids and objects, such as sweat is very likely to cause rusting of equipment parts. The equipment will not be used for a long time, such as holidays. Apply anti-rust oil to the transmission system and rust-prone parts of the mask machine.

   Knowing the maintenance and maintenance of the mask tablet machine, we can greatly reduce the maintenance times of the mask tablet machine and greatly extend the service life of the mask machine.

  Mask mask machine maintenance and maintenance is very important, not only can delay the speed of the mask machine precision reduction, but also reduce the chance of equipment maintenance. In general, we divide the maintenance of the mask machine into several aspects: appearance, transmission system, electrical system, ultrasonic system, and pneumatic system. (Maintenance and maintenance of equipment must be carried out after shutdown and power failure)

  The output system of the mask tablet machine are:

   1. Form two pieces at a time to increase production speed;

   2. The product discharge position, automatic stacking, convenient for finishing and stacking of finished products, saving time and effort for the next process of ear strap welding;

   3. The performance of the whole machine is stable, the production speed is continuously adjustable, the production efficiency is high, up to 160 pieces per minute, the counting is convenient and accurate, the raw material utilization rate is high, the operation and adjustment are simple and convenient, the degree of automation is high, and the labor cost is effectively reduced.