Malaysia To Build Nitrile Latex Factory

- Oct 19, 2020-

Malaysia’s Petronas Chemicals Group Berhad and LG Chem recently signed an agreement to establish a nitrile latex (NBL) production plant at the Pengerang Petroleum Complex (PIPC) in Johor to target the growing nitrile The nitrile glove market further strengthens Malaysia's position as the world's largest glove exporter.

   The plant will start construction in 2021 and put into production in 2023. After completion, its NBL production capacity will reach 200,000 tons per year. The establishment of this partnership was timely because it occurred during a period of rapid growth in the demand for nitrile gloves. Both parties will optimize resources to create new revenue streams, open up new markets, and develop high value-added products through continuous R&D and investment.

  NBL is a synthetic rubber with butadiene as the main raw material. It is the core raw material for the manufacture of nitrile gloves, which is widely used in medical care, medicine and food industries. Due to its excellent strength and chemical resistance, it is currently used to supplement existing natural rubber gloves. In recent years, the average annual demand growth rate for nitrile gloves has exceeded 10%, and it is expected to account for 70% of the entire latex glove market by 2024.