Malaysia Implements Rubber Production Incentives To Remind Rubber Glove Industry To Comply With Regulations

- Jul 31, 2020-

This Tuesday, the Deputy Minister of Plantation and Primary Industries (MPIC) of Malaysia, Willie Mongin, issued a statement: The government welcomes the initiative of the state government to add another 50 cents per kilogram to small farmers so that the total reward will reach RM 1.90 per kilogram. He said, “This initiative will undoubtedly reduce the burden on Sarawak’s small rubber farmers and increase their income,” “This also shows the seriousness of Sarawak and the federal government in safeguarding the well-being of the people.”

It is understood that the Malaysian government is currently urging small rubber farmers in Sarawak to register their rubber trading authorization (PAT-G) card with the State Department of Agriculture or any Malaysian Rubber Bureau (LGM) office so that they can enjoy the rubber production incentive policy (IPG). ).

Wiley reminded participants in the rubber glove industry to abide by the government's instructions in their operations on April 16. The global rubber gloves are produced in Malaysia, including medical gloves. The world is facing a special period of the new crown pneumonia epidemic. Willie disclosed that: MPIC has received reports against two rubber glove operators, alleging that they violated regulations that may cause environmental pollution. The Ministry will pay close attention to the area of rubber gloves to ensure that operators comply with the standard operating procedures established by the Ministry.

Malaysia is not only a major producer, but also a major producer of rubber gloves. It is estimated that Malaysia’s rubber glove exports this year are expected to reach 225 billion pieces, meeting 65% of global demand, and valued at more than 20 billion ringgit, compared with 170 billion pieces last year. It is 17.3 billion ringgits.

MREPC, an agency under the Ministry of Plantation and Primary Industries of Malaysia, is responsible for the promotion of household rubber products, such as gloves and catheters. The ministry has now identified the relevant government agencies (front-line) that will distribute protective equipment; the committee and the Malaysian Rubber Glove Manufacturers Association (MARGMA) Work together to maintain product standards and ensure that Malaysian gloves continue to be the number one choice in the world.