Look At These Three Points To Get You High-quality Nitrile Gloves

- Aug 05, 2020-

With the increasing popularity of nitrile gloves in China, the number of brands to choose from has increased accordingly, which virtually increases the difficulty for users to purchase. How to choose high-quality nitrile gloves is what many people want to know urgently.

When purchasing high-quality nitrile gloves, you only need to pay attention to the following points:

1. Look at the appearance

First look at the color of nitrile gloves. Generally, it is observed by filling the gloves with a certain gas (such as blowing drums). The color should be uniform and bright without impurities, otherwise it is a substandard product;

Secondly, look at the stretchability. Only the gloves that are not easily torn by pulling force have good tear resistance.

2. Look at the brand

The quality control of well-known brands is relatively strict, and the nitrile gloves produced have passed the quality inspections, in line with national safety regulations, and the pass rate is high.

JUBAO nitrile gloves have been baptized by different testing standards and are of reliable quality.

3. Look at the qualifications

Production in the country needs to pass the ISO9001 factory quality management system certification. In addition, food-grade nitrile gloves must pass SGS (food contact safety) certification, and medical-grade gloves must pass CFDA (medical equipment filing) certification. Some nitrile gloves also hold FDA, CE certification. When purchasing nitrile gloves, you can ask the supplier for the corresponding certification report to distinguish the quality of nitrile gloves.