Latex Toy Balloon: Industry Status And Development

- Apr 24, 2019-

First, latex toy balloon industry status

Latex toy balloon is a kind of latex product that we often see in our life.Its product attributes also from the original children's toys, to the present decoration, celebration, commercial promotion and other functions.With the continuous progress of industrial technology, the production mode, product quality and output of latex toy balloons have changed dramatically.Sales channels also from the original domestic wholesale, yiwu market, slowly transferred to the world export.According to the author incomplete statistics, in China, latex toy balloon manufacturers have 80 up and down, the perennial operating rate of about 70%, the average number of days of annual production of 300 days, the output of the world's total production of more than 70%.Balloon printing manufacturers and related supporting industries are rapid development, countless.Small balloon, bring happiness for thousands of people at the same time, but also for the country and society to create wealth.

Latex balloons are a relatively small segment of China's market economy.At the same time, in the development process of the industry, there are problems such as backward production technology, extensive on-site management, serious homogenization of products, common overstock, fierce market competition and low overall profit rate.Especially in recent years, with the continuous improvement of the entry threshold for toy products in the European Union and the difficult recovery of the world economy, the balloon industry has also stood at the crossroads of the industry development. All manufacturers and dealers have tried to find new profit growth points and greater development direction.

Second, domestic and foreign latex toy balloon development

Latex toy balloon has developed from a single children's toy to a product with multiple properties such as decoration, celebration and commercial promotion.The following requirements for product style, variety and quality become diversified.

American pioneer balloons come in hundreds of shapes and colors.Especially for the decoration of the balloon industry, the development of products with bright color, color, air tightness high, short - term frosting, easy to weave and other advantages.Products from a single latex balloon, the development of aluminum film balloons this market prospects more broad products.In the world has set up hundreds of distribution sites and decoration training association, in the global decoration balloon industry has a leading position.

Suzuki latex in Japan, the United States, Vietnam, Malaysia and other places have built a latex products factory, the production of peacock balloons is more colorful and beautiful, represents the highest technology of the balloon industry today.Its high-quality multifunctional latex finger covers account for 70% of the global market.

Domestic latex balloon industry, with the advantage of low price and high quality, has sold its products all over the world. Every day, there are numerous shipping containers, land delivery trucks and express parcels in the major balloon production base in the world, which are located in yuda village.At the same time, some high-quality manufacturers have a deep understanding of the existing problems in the industry, make efforts to improve the production process, constantly develop new products and technologies, make great strides in developing sales channels, use the Internet and relevant exhibitions at home and abroad, and begin to gain recognition in the relevant markets in product quality and brand premium.

Iii. Status quo of supporting industries

Balloon is a subdivision of latex products, its upstream raw materials involved in latex, vulcanizing agents, promoters, zinc oxide, stabilizers, color paste and other related industries.With the improvement of the access threshold of eu, the products of relevant upstream industries in China can no longer meet the new market demand.Domestic manufacturers are also actively in response, domestic latex quality continues to improve, the new promotion has also begun to apply to the latex industry, in line with the eu product standards of pre-vulcanized latex also began to enter the domestic market.Irradiated vulcanization latex has also been developed by different manufacturers at home and abroad.In particular, the recent domestic color paste industry first world technology listed, will also actively promote the development of environmental color paste industry.

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