Kolkata International Rubber Exhibition, India

- Jul 24, 2019-

The exhibition to introduce

The world's leading rubber exhibition, with many years of brand history, its globalization process never stopped.As an extension of India Rubber expo, the international Rubber exhibition of India will be held in kolkata, India from January 19 to 21, 2017, creating a new communication window between the world Rubber industry and the Indian Rubber market.

The 2017 India international rubber technology exhibition will be rooted in India and surrounding regions. With the rapid development of India's economy, it will be a grand event leading the rubber industry in India.

Yingtuo exhibition invites you to participate in this exhibition, looking forward to working with you to explore the market and harvest business opportunities!


Market analysis

In recent years, India's economy has been developing rapidly and has become the world's second largest economic growth entity.India's economy has grown steadily and rapidly over the past 25 years, with an average annual growth rate of 6% from 1980 to 2002 and 7.5% from 2002 to 2006, according to official data.According to the official data of India, there are 250 million middle class in India. At the same time, the number of poor people in India is decreasing rapidly. The natural growth rate of population in India has been reduced to 1.7%.Scholars in the world economic circle are generally optimistic about India's economic development prospects in the next 10 years, believing that India will continue to maintain the growth rate of 7-8%.

As for plastics, the average person in India will consume 10.5 kilograms of plastic by 2010, up from 4 kilograms today.India is now the world's third largest consumer of plastics (polymers).To meet the huge increase in demand, India's processing industry will need more than 30,000 machines and about $9.5 billion in project investment.In the next 10 years, India will have a huge demand for machinery, tools and related parts in related industries.This is undoubtedly a huge potential market for Chinese enterprises.We are willing to provide you with excellent conditions to explore the international market together with you.