Kn95 Mask Machine High Efficiency Quality Assurance

- Jun 08, 2020-

KN95 and N95 masks have the same protection level, but only follow the test standards of different countries. KN95 masks follow Chinese standards, and N95 masks follow American standards, both of which have a protection efficiency of not less than 95% for non-oily particulates (sodium chloride particulates for experiments).

  KN95 mask machine main production process:

  Hot-press molding: The mask material (non-woven fabric) is molded in the form of overheat pressing (cup-shaped).

   1. Including automatic return movement and feeding rack;

   2. Form four masks each time;

3. Slicing: used for making the outer layer (protective layer) of the cup-shaped mask, special alloy steel material for the flower wheel, the blade is wear-resistant and has a long life. The product is eccentric adjustment, flexible, fast and high level. Special steel wheel processing, without hurting the fabric edge, no preheating is required during the manufacture of the edge, and continuous operation;

   4. Edge pressing: Laminating the inside and outside of the mask;

   5. Trimming: Use pneumatic stamping to cut off the excess edges of the mask;

   6. Breathing valve welding: welding mask breathing valve;

   7. Welding area: 130mm;

   8. Speed: 20-30 pieces/min;

   9. Integral structure of the fuselage, adopting safety adjustment scale control; computer intelligent control, accuracy can reach one thousandth of a second; mold level adjustment The fuselage motor automatically rises and falls, and the base level is adjusted;

  10. Earband spot welding machine: Speed: 8-12 pieces/min Can be used for welding flat, inner earband/outer earband, standard mask, duckbill and other special-shaped masks. After the mask body is made, the ear straps are welded manually.

KN95 mask body machine, also known as mask tablet machine, is a machine used for the automatic production of multi-layer material flat mask finished products. It can use 1~4 layers of N95PP spunbond nonwoven activated carbon and filter materials. The entire machine is made from raw materials. It is expected that the insertion of the nose line, edge banding, and cutting of the finished product are all in a semi-automatic operation.

  KN95 mask machine maintenance method:

   1. Maintenance of appearance, KN masks are the tools we wear on our faces, and some even need to enter the operating room, so the production of masks must require daily cleaning of the mask machine. After turning off the power every day, it is necessary to organize the staff to clean the working surface of the equipment and the dishes equipped with masks. Be careful not to use water or oil, you can use alcohol and other non-toxic and volatile cleaning fluid;

2. Maintenance of the ultrasonic system, check whether the ultrasonic system (composed of ultrasonic electric box, ultrasonic transducer, welding head and connecting wire) is clean, especially the ultrasonic electric box, ultrasonic transducer (sensing element) and welding head ( Mould) need to be cleaned without water, whether the connection line is firm. Always check the degree of wear of the ultrasonic welding head (mold) of the folding mask machine. Check carefully whether the pointers of the voltmeter and ammeter on the ultrasonic electric box are normal;

   3. Maintenance of the transmission system. The transmission system includes motors, gears, reducers, sprockets, chains, conveyor belts and other components. Check whether there is dust on the surface of the motor that affects heat dissipation. Whether gears and sprockets are oiled or fixed. Whether the tightness of the chain is suitable, whether there are foreign objects, whether the connecting screws of each transmission part are loose, whether the lubricating oil of the reducer is sufficient, usually the lubricating oil must be changed every 1000 hours to 1500 hours

   4. Maintenance of the electrical system, check whether the circuit connector of the mask machine is loose, whether the main power cord and branch signal line are worn, aging, loose, whether the electrical box is clean and monotonous, whether the exhaust fan is working normally, etc.;

   5. Maintenance of pneumatic system, pneumatic system is composed of air source filter system, air pipe and cylinder. Check the air filter for water? (Water discharge from the air compressor: the area with high humidity should be given water to the air compressor every day). Check for air leaks in the trachea? Is the cylinder leaking? Whether the direction and work of the cylinder magnetic anti-sensor are normal.