Karachi Plastic Rubber And Printing Packaging Exhibition, Pakistan

- Aug 26, 2019-

Starting time: August 27, 2019.08.29, 2019.08.29

Industry: plastic and rubber packaging

Cycle: once a year

The exhibition to introduce

Pakistan international plastics and packaging industry exhibition is an annual professional event organized by Pegasus Consultancy, the largest local exhibition company in Pakistan.The exhibition is supported by Pakistan flexible packaging association, Pakistan government investment board and Pakistan technology and industry research committee. It is the largest and most professional professional exhibition in Pakistan.The exhibition provides an extensive communication and trading platform for foreign trade import and export companies engaged in plastics and packaging.

Through this exhibition, exhibitors can not only get the right suppliers, buyers and partners, but also understand the skills and trends of career development around the world.Last time, nearly 300 companies from 30 countries and regions came to the exhibition, attracting about 15,000 professional visitors.This exhibition will be grandly opened from August 1st to 3rd. As the sponsor, our company has been authorized as the agent and strategic partner of our region, and will lead the large number of domestic small and medium-sized companies to the grand exhibition. 

Pakistan's plastics and packaging industry is expanding rapidly as consumer demand continues to increase and exports to the region increase.Due to the increasing use of plastic materials in various occupations, the plastics profession in Pakistan has achieved remarkable development.Local manufacturers are upgrading their machines, equipment and materials to produce reliable and safe packaging products.Pakistan's domestic plastic market is the second largest in the south Asian region after India.The value of imports in 2016 has reached 2.73 billion us dollars and is increasing by 15 percent. 

Note: this exhibition is a professional B2B trade exhibition, only open to insiders, non-insiders and people under the age of 18 declined to visit.No retail activities will be provided.

Exhibits range

Rubber and plastic machinery: injection molding machine, hollow molding machine, extruder, film blowing machine, casting equipment, braiding machine, rubber machine, mixing equipment, calendering equipment, etc

Auxiliary machinery: plastic auxiliary machinery, manipulator, plastic and rubber recovery equipment, testing equipment, post-processing equipment, instrumentation

Raw materials: plastic and rubber raw and auxiliary materials, additives and semi-finished products, ink, particles, adhesives, etc

Packaging and printing equipment: plastic packaging equipment, plastic printing equipment, soft packaging processing equipment

Mold: all kinds of plastic processing mold, tire mold, spare parts and other production equipment

The relevant information

Karachi, Pakistan plastic rubber and printing and packaging exhibition Plastic&Pack by Pegasus Consultancy Pvt Ltd held the exhibition next year, the exhibition is open the Pakistan market is very important to a platform, Karachi, Pakistan plastic rubber and printing and packaging exhibition Plastic&Pack attracted 300 exhibitors from last time, number of customers reached 15000, the exhibition is at the Karachi Expo centre Karachi Expo Center,The exhibition covers an area of 11,000 square meters.