Introduction To Weather Balloons Made Of Natural Latex

- Mar 23, 2019-

The weather balloon is made of natural latex as the main raw material and suitable amount of compounding agent.Before use, after a certain amount of hydrogen is filled in the body of the ball, the buoyancy in the air is used to detect air elements at different heights/carry a sonde to detect air elements at high altitude.

An observation platform made of rubber or plastic spheres filled with gases lighter than air, such as hydrogen and helium, to carry instruments into the air for observation of high altitude weather.It has the characteristic of cheap, unpowered elevation.A weather balloon that is not attached to the ground is called a free balloon, and a tethered balloon is a tethered balloon.The materials and size of the balloons are determined by their use.

To carry instruments for aloft meteorological element measurements, or to equip electronic equipment for the measurement of high-altitude winds, or both.In order to be in the air, especially in the upper atmosphere, so that the temperature sensor is not affected by the solar radiation, in addition to the application of the thermometer radiation shield, but also to make it fully ventilated, so the initial rising speed of the sounding balloon must reach 5 ~ 6 meters/second.The maximum height a sonde balloon can reach, the critical height at which the skin ruptures, is essentially determined by the mass of the rubber skin.Other things being equal, the thicker the skin, the higher the height the balloon will reach.Daily use of the weight of 1 kg or so of the sounding balloon, more than 85% can reach a height of about 30 km.

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A weather balloon attached to a ground winch by a cable.With the increase of horizontal wind speed, the inclination of tethered balloon increases, so it is difficult to observe in windy days.The shape of the tethered balloon is sometimes streamlined to provide good stability in the air stream.Instruments or equipment are carried directly by the balloon for observation during ascent, or are hung from a cable at different heights for observation.It can continuously measure the change of meteorological elements at selected altitudes over a long period of time (several hours to dozens of hours), unlike sounding balloons, which can only measure once and represent the average value in an atmosphere.Tethered balloon detection is especially suitable for atmospheric pollution monitoring and atmospheric boundary layer research.