Interpretation Of China Rubber And Plastic Machinery Safety Standards

- Jul 04, 2019-

Twelve mandatory national standards have been formulated

In recent years, people have come to realize that the development of machinery manufacturing industry can bring economic prosperity and high incidence of injury accidents.How to ensure the safety of production, including the safety of the operator and the use of equipment, has been a major issue of great concern in the process of China's industrial development in recent years. 

China rubber and plastic machinery safety standard catalogue during the eleventh five-year plan period

Rubber and plastic equipment manufacturing industry in China's whole machinery industry is a late start but fast development industry, into the 21st century, rubber and plastic machinery manufacturing industry in China's machinery industry and even the proportion of the national economy is increasing year by year, production, sales, export trade and efficiency are growing rapidly.In terms of rubber and plastic mechanical products, in order to implement the safety engineering principle of "nip in the bud" in every stage of the whole life cycle from product design, manufacture to use and maintenance, it is necessary to deal with the relationship between safety and safety production management of equipment itself.That is, we must work out the safety standard from the standard.During the eleventh five-year plan period, the research on the safety problems of rubber and plastic machinery and the formulation of standards have been put on the agenda.

In 2006, the national technical committee of standardization of rubber and plastic machinery (hereinafter referred to as the "standards committee") held the national technical work conference of safety standardization of rubber and plastic machinery in Beijing, which discussed and determined the principles of making plans and plans for professional safety standards of rubber and plastic machinery and adopting advanced foreign standards.In the same year, the first mandatory national standard for rubber and plastic machinery in China gb20055-2006 "safety requirements for open rubber and plastic mixing machine" was issued.

In 2007-2010, standard council launched the comprehensive China rubber plastic machinery safety standards of research, and completed the "rubber plastic injection moulding machine safety requirements", "closed mixing machine, plastic mixing mill for rubber safety requirements", "rubber plastic calender safety requirements", "plate vulcanizing machine safety requirements" and "rubber plastic extrusion machine and production line" security requirements series standards, "rubber plastic crushing machine" series standard set of safety requirements.

In general, during the "eleventh five-year plan" period, China rubber and plastic machinery safety standards from scratch, has developed 12 mandatory national standards.

China's rubber and plastic machinery safety standards issued to control the production process of safety risks;To ensure the personal safety of Chinese rubber and plastic production operators;Speed up the integration with foreign advanced standards;It will play an important role to establish and improve the safety standard system of Chinese rubber and plastic machinery products and promote the smooth entry of Chinese products into the international market.

Application of safety fundamentals and general standards for Chinese machinery

Chinese machinery safety standards are also divided into three categories, A, B and C, according to international rules.Among them, class A is the basic safety standard;Class B is the general safety standard;Category C is the professional mechanical safety standard.

China to accelerate the mechanical aspects of the legislative work, establish unified principle and method in the field of mechanical safety, so as to better and faster in line with international standards, so far, in the field of mechanical safety, countries have issued standards for more than 180, accounting for 4% of the total number of the equipment manufacturing industry of national standard, industry standard about 110, accounting for 1.3% of the total number of equipment manufacturing industry standards.These standards, rubber and plastic machinery commonly used or directly cited some basic standards about 84.

Foreign rubber and plastic machinery safety standards

At present, the safety standard of rubber and plastic machinery in China mostly adopts European EN standard.CEN is the main provider of European standards (EN) and technical specifications. Since 1985, the eu has established dozens of safety related technical committees of standardization administration of Europe, among which CEN/TC145 is the technical committee specially responsible for formulating "safety standards for rubber and plastic machinery".

The eu regards the implementation of European directives and technical standards as an entry requirement for products entering the European market.So far, CEN has completed more than 600~700 safety standards.In category C, there are 16 standards related to rubber and plastic machinery, all of which are formulated by 14 working groups in TC145. 

In addition to the 16 standards that the member states of the European standardization technical committee must comply with, some developed countries have also adopted these standards to varying degrees.

These standards generally include the definition of product safety requirements, hazard enumeration, safety requirements and measures, verification of safety requirements and measures and safety use information.

On December 2, 2010, ClaudioCelate, chairman of CEN/TC145 and his delegation conducted exchanges on the standardization of rubber and plastic machinery between China and Europe with the national standardization administration committee and the national technical committee of standardization of rubber and plastic machinery in Beijing.In the communication, we learned several information through the introduction of President Celate:

(1) TC145 overall responsibility for the revision of the European rubber plastic machinery technical standard, the standard itself is not mandatory, but European directive requirements rubber plastic machinery products must meet the relevant safety and health requirements, when not to use TC145 EN standards formulated by the need to have relevant supporting documents, show that rubber plastic machinery products meet the requirements of the relevant safety and health.According to the current statistics, almost 100 percent of the rubber and plastic machinery products in the eu countries comply with TC145 standard, because it is the most convenient and effective method to comply with TC145 standard.

(2) at present, Chinese enterprises are increasingly concerned about the European market, and more and more Chinese rubber and plastic machinery are entering the European market.However, although some Chinese rubber and plastic machinery products have CE mark, they do not fully comply with TC145 standard.

(3)CEN/TC145 established the 17th working group, tire shaping vulcanizer working group, in December 2009, which coincides with the safety requirements of tire shaping vulcanizer national standard formulated by SAC/TC71, which indicates that both sides have the same goal in promoting the safety performance of rubber and plastic mechanical products. 

Work to be perfected

Although the safety standardization of rubber and plastic machinery in China has made some achievements in recent years, there are still some aspects to be improved:

A complete safety standard system has not been formed

At present, this major has developed a series of safety standards, but in terms of quantity, some products with significant risks are far from being covered, such as: crushing processing equipment for waste rubber, waste plastic, cutting and forming equipment and other processing equipment prone to safety risks. 

And foreign advanced standards are still different

At present, 12 eu standards have been or are being converted, and some have not been converted. Among them, the number of equivalent standards adopted is not large. The main reasons are as follows:

-- some electrical components depend on imports; 

- the increase of cost is a difficulty for manufacturing enterprises to implement safety standards;

-- users need to have a cognitive process to understand the security structure with high security performance, but it seems complex or even mistaken for redundant security structure

-- our understanding of foreign advanced standards is still different

- there are some differences in the structure, application environment and process requirements of some rubber and plastic machinery products in China. 

Implementation of standards

China is continuing to promote the safety performance of rubber and plastic machinery products. Currently, some products have safety standards, but it will take some time to implement and promote them.The new standards need to be implemented to verify their feasibility and effectiveness.Whether we adopt foreign advanced standards in the same way, modify or not is suitable for China's national conditions, we also need to verify through the implementation of the standards.

In China, the standards generally related to safety performance requirements are mostly mandatory standards, that is, they must be implemented.If the products are included in the CCC catalogue and the CCC logo is affixed in China, it is more necessary to meet mandatory standards.Therefore, no matter based on what needs, as a production unit to the implementation of strong standards should be strengthened awareness.

Next step

Under the guidance of the standardization administration of the state and the higher competent departments, the standards committee will do the following work in the future

Improve the safety standard system of rubber and plastic machinery

(1) according to the product category statistics listed in GB/T12783 national standard of "compilation method of rubber and plastic machinery product model", there are nearly 100 kinds of rubber and plastic machinery products. Facing such a large number of products, how to improve the safety standard of products is an important task in front of us.

(2) in recent years, China has made and revised A large number of safety standards for class A and B machinery.Implement the safety standards of class A and B machinery in time, and try to quote them in class C standards of this major, so as to ensure the unity of safety principles.

Speed up the preparation and revision of class C standards

(1) the problem of no safety standards for products with large quantity and wide range of safety risks should be solved as soon as possible.

(2) since the first safety standard was issued in 2006, it has been applied and implemented for nearly five years. The second strong standard, gb22530-2008, which has attracted much attention, has been implemented for more than one year since November 2009.

Due to these safety standards mainly adopts the EN standard, however some of China's rubber plastic machinery products structure and application of environmental and technological requirements and Europe will have certain differences, our understanding of EN standard is different, so through the implementation and application of the Chinese standard, we also found that the problem in time, and the standard timely amended. 

Increase the publicity and implementation of rubber and plastic machinery safety standards

National standards can only be widely accepted and mastered by people through publicity and implementation, and can only be truly implemented in the whole process of mechanical design, manufacturing and use. 

The implementation of standards is the starting point and the end point of the standard compilation work, the standards committee will organize good publicity and implementation work, improve the importance of the rubber and plastic machinery safety standardization work, so that enterprises consciously in the design, manufacturing and use of the implementation of standards, and constantly improve the level of product safety quality.

Strengthen liaison with foreign standardization organizations

CEN/TC145 is a foreign professional standardization organization specializing in the formulation of safety standards for rubber and plastic machinery.Through the visit and exchange of CEN/TC145 chairman ClaudioCelate in December 2010 and the successful convening of this meeting, further deepened the communication between China and the eu on rubber and plastic machinery safety standards, and established long-term and regular contact channels.

At present, the EN standards of the eu are also being revised. We will keep abreast of the developments and revise China's national standards in due course.CEN/TC145 working group 17 -- working group of tire vulcanizing machine is formulating "safety requirements for tire vulcanizing machine". We will also timely understand and track the work progress information, and at the same time do a good job in the formulation of relevant standards in China.

Finally, the industry is welcome to put forward Suggestions and opinions on "safety standardization of rubber and plastic machines" to the bid committee at any time, and timely feedback to the secretariat of the bid committee on problems in the implementation of the standards.I also hope that this professional safety standard can receive the attention of all circles and make the safety standardization work more perfect with the joint efforts of everyone.