Interplas, Europe, Birmingham, UK, 2020

- Jul 01, 2019-

The exhibition shows

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Exhibition date: September 29 to October 1, 2020

Location: NEC exhibition center, Birmingham, U.K.

Exhibition cycle: every three years

Exhibition introduction

Birmingham plastics &rubber expo is the largest plastics industry exhibition in the UK and the only trade exhibition covering the production process, production technology and various services of the plastics industry.The event was organised by the UK's Rapid News Communications Group.The last exhibition was a great success and was well received by exhibitors and buyers

Goodwill for the rubber and plastics industry can not miss the event.During the three-day exhibition in 2017, exhibitors were very busy. More than 300 exhibitors representing the world's top level signed orders on site and achieved fruitful results.According to the survey of exhibitors at the exhibition, 91% of the exhibitors said that the exhibition helped them to achieve their business goals effectively and efficiently.89% of exhibitors said that the quality of exhibition buyers is very high;Fifty-nine percent of exhibitors said they would continue to attend in 2020.Now many companies have confirmed to participate again.In terms of buyers, 74% of the buyers attending the conference have the decision-making right of purchasing;80%

Buyers think the quality of exhibitors is very high, and completed the purchase plan;73% of buyers believe that they have been exposed to new technologies that they have not been exposed to before, and that they have known many new suppliers of high quality.82% of buyers spoke highly of the experience and said they would visit the exhibition again in 2020.Fifty-four per cent had a budget of more than £100,000, while 19 per cent had a budget of more than £1m.The exhibition in 2020 is expected to cover an area of 8,000 square meters, with more than 500 exhibitors and 12,000 buyers.Interplas has become the largest and best show in the plastics industry in recent years.The big names and brands in the industry are also on the scene: ENGEL, HITECH AUTOMATION LTD, SUMMIT SYSTEMS, FERROMATIK & MILACRON

EXTRUSION, SANDRETTO, ISOCOOL, MOTAN COLORTRonIC LTD, BOY LTD, PIOVAN, NEGRI BOSSI, WITTMANN BATTENFELD, etc.In order to attract more professional audiences from related industries and surrounding industries, 2017 Inter Plas and 3D printing and additive manufacturing technology exhibition and conference (TCT Show + Personalize);Sensing & Instrumentation exhibition;Micro Nano Mems exhibition;The PPMA is held at the same time.Each purchaser can visit all the exhibitions with only one entry permit, enabling the seamless connection between the various related industries.

Exhibition data:

Exhibition area (net area) : 7,000 square meters (2014)

Number of exhibitors: 400

Audience: 10,293, up 10% from 2011


(1) plastic and rubber machinery and equipment

(2) molding machine, auxiliary equipment

(3) plastic and rubber processing

(4) welding technology equipment, mold

(5) raw materials, coatings

6. Plastic additives and additives