International Rubber And Plastics Exhibition Paris, France

- Jul 29, 2019-

The exhibition to introduce

EUROPLAST is Europe's leading professional exhibition for plastics, rubber products and processing equipment.More than 86% of visitors are buyers, 70% come to the exhibition site to seek new suppliers, and 57% will launch investment plans within six months.

The exhibition mainly attracts integrated processors, market makers and manufacturers of plastic and rubber composite materials.From the perspective of audience, 26% are technology manufacturers, 23% are senior management, 11% are research and development group, 9% are designers and 6% are buyers.According to valid data, the popularity of various products is also focused, plastic processing attention for 40%, plastic products for 16%, equipment manufacturing for 10%, service category for 10%, control, measurement, design for 8%, other processing enterprises for 16%.The exhibition covers a wide range of fields, including automobile, packaging, household appliances, construction engineering, agricultural navigation manufacturing, mechanical structure, food industry, chemical industry and other industries.

We sincerely invite you to participate in this exhibition and look forward to working with you to explore the market and harvest business


Market analysis

With the continuous growth of world trade, the plastic market in Europe has been developing rapidly, and the plastic machinery industry has gradually played an important role.As a result of the promotion of new materials, new technology, plastic materials in hardness, heat resistance, toughness and other aspects of performance is improving day by day, European industry is increasingly using plastic materials to replace the traditional paper, glass and metal packaging.

In recent years, the French plastics market has taken a huge leap, with sales of 25.8 billion, ranking it the fourth largest in the world.France is Europe's international economic center, international information center, international exhibition center, international fashion and culture center, is the eu's second largest consumer market.The French plastics industry ranks second in Europe (Germany first, Italy and the UK third and fourth) and fourth in the world (behind the us, Japan and Germany).The annual turnover of the whole industry is 34.5 billion euros, of which plastic processing is about 25.6 billion euros, raw materials about 6.6 billion euros, molds about 1.1 billion euros and equipment about 1.1 billion euros.At present, there are about 4,000 plastics processing enterprises in France, and the output of plastics processing industry ranks the fourth in the world, which is the same as that of Germany. However, compared with other European countries, the plastics processing equipment industry is very weak.

Exhibits range

1. Materials: raw materials, coatings, colorants, plastic additives and auxiliaries, plastic synthetic materials, aluminum foil materials, medical materials and fishing gear materials;

2. Plastic and rubber machinery and equipment: plastic and rubber processing, recycling equipment, welding technology equipment, plastic processing machinery and mold, fishery, decoration, decoration machinery, auxiliary equipment, process control equipment, test equipment, parts, etc.;

3. Service: processing service, control, measurement, research, quality service, etc.

4. Processing: processing technology, semi-finished products processing, etc.