International Plastics Exhibition In Melbourne, Australia

- Jul 26, 2019-

The exhibition to introduce

Australia plastic show NMW (National Manufacturing Week) and the Australian international machinery Manufacturing is the ocean state large scale, high level, wide range of industrial technology exhibition and trading places, two years, the exhibition for Australia's large industrial machinery exhibition, exhibition scope broad, basic clinching eight kinds products for mechanical industry, including machine tools, mechanical engineering, welding, heat treatment, casting forging, pneumatic hydraulic technology, computer control, security products, processes, materials handling, and control, metal processing, power equipment, electronic components mainly.According to the survey of the exhibition, the industrial manufacturing and service exhibition about industry, mining, energy and other resources are paid special attention by visitors.

In 2017, there were 739 exhibitors from China, India, New Zealand, Germany, Italy, Malaysia, Singapore, Switzerland, South Africa, the United States, Hong Kong and Taiwan and other countries and regions, with 3,482 participants and tens of thousands of visitors.The whole China exhibition area has a total area of 540 square meters, with large participation groups and more than 50 enterprises participating.The exhibits mainly include machine tools, welders, motors, diesel engines, mechanical spare parts, hardware tools, electric tools, bearings, porters, motorcycles, lawn mowers, hardware, etc.Among the visitors, 84.7% came from new south wales, 5.3% from Victoria, 3.7% from Queensland, 1.2% from south Australia, 1.1% from western Australia, 1.7% from Tasmania and other regions, and 2.3% from New Zealand and other countries.According to the industry division, about 21.2% of the visitors are the directors and ceos of major enterprises,15.9% are the technical department heads of enterprises, 22.9% are from the general machinery industry, 9.4% from the mechanical equipment industry, 8.5% from the hardware industry, 4.6% from the metal plate making industry.

Market analysis

Australia is the thirteenth largest economy in the world and the fifth largest per capita GDP in the world.Manufacturing accounts for about 8% of GDP.

In 1972, when China and Australia established diplomatic relations, the volume of trade between the two countries was only 86 million us dollars. In 2016, the volume reached 107.8 billion us dollars, an increase of thousands of times.China has been Australia's trading partner, export market and source of imports since 2009.Currently, China imports iron ore, coal, natural gas, wool, barley and wheat from Australia.China's main export products to Australia include computer, communication electronic equipment, home appliances, mechanical and electrical products, toys, sporting goods, clothing and furniture.

Chinese minister of commerce gao hucheng and Australian minister of trade and investment Andrew robb formally signed the free trade agreement between the government of the People's Republic of China and the government of Australia on behalf of the two governments in Canberra, Australia on June 17, 2015.The signing of the china-australia free trade agreement is an important milestone in the development of china-australia economic and trade cooperation.China and Australia have always been important trade and investment partners of each other. Bilateral economic and trade relations have been developing rapidly and the scale of trade and investment continues to expand.In 2017, the dividends of the china-australia free trade agreement continued to be released, and bilateral trade grew rapidly.The total value of China's import and export to Australia was 923.41 billion yuan, 14.9 percentage points higher than the growth rate of China's import and export in the same year.Imports totaled 642.85 billion yuan, up 37.2%.

Exhibits range

1. CNC machine tools, automation equipment, power and electronics industry.

2. Cutting heat treatment, energy explanation, logistics and storage,

3. Plastic injection molding machines, automatic filling and sealing machine, plastic drying machine, single and double screw extrusion sheet machine, plastic packing machine, plastic machine, plastic pipe production line, plastic mold and mold, plastic powder charger, foam/reaction or reinforced resin equipment, granulating machine, automatic bottle blowing machine, hollow plate extruding machine, profiles extruding machine, injection molding machine, PET sheet extrusion machine, rubber raw materials, (plate) stretch film machine, etc