International Plastic And Rubber Exhibition In Dusseldorf, Germany

- Jul 18, 2019-

The exhibition to introduce

Global large exhibition of plastic and rubber industry

The first German plastic and rubber exhibition K show was held in 1952 and held every three years.The exhibition is a large scale, high level and representative plastic exhibition in the world.

Ideal platform: the German plastics show is well known not only for its sheer size, but also for the new incentives and business opportunities it brings to all parts of the industry.The exhibition is only open to professional visitors.The international plastics and rubber expo 2019 will feature a full range of products from the plastics and rubber industries.

Strong appeal: exhibitors from Germany, Italy, Australia, Switzerland and the United States, as well as Asian manufacturers from China, Taiwan and India, will be back at Dusseldorf again.The international plastics and rubber exhibition is an important industry exchange platform in the world, not only for the whole plastics and rubber industry, but also for audiences from major user fields.No other exhibition offers such an opportunity for automotive, packaging, electronics engineering, electronics and communications industry, construction industry, medical technology and aerospace technology professionals to learn about new plastic and rubber applications and experience dynamic technological innovation.

Large scale: the wide range of exhibitors (from large global suppliers to small new companies) and international presence guarantee the products on display.Many companies from all over the world have signed up to participate in this year's exhibition to show their strength of outstanding innovation to the professional audience.Although the economic situation facing the industry is still grim, about 3,000 exhibitors are expected to attend the German rubber show.