International Industrial Machinery And Machine Tools Exhibition, Sao Paulo, Brazil

- Jul 19, 2019-

The exhibition to introduce

South America's most internationally influential industrial fair

MECANICA, organized by REED, is the largest, oldest and most internationally influential industrial fair in South America.

Exhibition has a long history: Mecanica Brazil's industrial machinery and machine tool exhibition has been 58 years of history, at the same time has accumulated many loyal professional audience, for decades to consolidate its leading position in the field of machinery in South America region, Mecanica provide extensive exchanges and trade platform for exhibitors, the focus is on for the mechanical manufacturing enterprise provides one-stop new product display, industrial solutions, etc.

Two major topics in combination of the exhibition: 2020 mecanica in Sao Paulo in April 2020 the northern international exhibition center, and Feimafe (former Brazil international machine tool exhibition) fully integrated, at the same time, the new industrial automation, energy, intelligent logistics, industrial machinery and equipment, intelligent, smart factory, 3 d printing and so on seven big themes, will be changed from the original single machinery and accessories exhibition to manufacture industry of the whole industrial chain.Visitors will be exposed to technologically advanced machinery, equipment and industrial manufacturing systems.

With more than 500 exhibitions in 43 countries, reed exhibitions is the world's largest organizer of exhibitions and conferences. It has accumulated rich experience in the development, planning, promotion and sales of global quality exhibitions for more than 100 years, and has won the reputation as the sponsor of quality, well-known and authoritative exhibitions.

Market analysis

Brazil is the largest and most diversified machinery market in South America and one of the largest machinery markets in the world.At present, the Brazilian market has the most significant demand for stamping machine tools, integrated processing machine tools and metal cutting lathes. The demand for other forming machine tools also grows rapidly, with an average annual growth rate of 47.4%, followed by 46.4% of drilling, boring, milling and turning screw machines, and 46.1% growth rate of stamping machine tools.The main equipment exported from China to Brazil includes machine tools, measuring equipment, heavy equipment, transmission equipment and tool-like mechanical products.China machinery industry in South America market potential, is being more domestic enterprises attention.

According to statistics from Brazil's secretariat of foreign trade, in the first eight months of 2017, Brazil's imports and exports of goods amounted to 243.78 billion us dollars, an increase of 13.5% over the same period last year (the same below).Among them, exports reached us $145.94 billion, up 18.1%;Imports totaled us $97.84 billion, up 7.3%.The trade surplus was us $48.11 billion, up 48.6%.Brazil's trade surplus with China rose 63.3% to $17.66 billion in the january-august period.As of August, China was Brazil's largest export market and largest source of imports.

Previous reviews

Exhibition area: more than 70,000 square meters

Number of exhibitors: more than 1,500 exhibitors

Audience: 765,000

Exhibits range

1. Machine tools and mechanical exhibition area: machine tools and CNC machine tools, CNC machining centers, edm machines, plate shears and bending machines, metal forming machines, drilling machines, boring machines, grinding machines, drilling machines, cutting machines, casting machines, forging machines, welding and cutting machines, cutting machines, gas cutting machines and instrument equipment;

2, tools: drill, reamer, cutting tools, chuck, tools;

3. Industrial parts exhibition area: industrial parts, castings, forgings, bearings and gears;

4. Energy exhibition area: renewable energy, smart grid, industrial energy, refrigeration and heating equipment, energy conversion and transmission equipment, cables, condenser, industrial battery, filter, measuring machine test equipment;

5. Intelligent factory exhibition area: industrial robots, special robots, applied products and overall solutions, 3D printing technology and equipment;

6. Industrial automation exhibition area: liquid supply system, industrial image processing system, control system, sensor, industrial computer, industrial automation equipment, measurement and measuring equipment;

7. Intelligent logistics exhibition area: intelligent logistics robot, logistics transmission equipment, AGV equipment, intelligent container, transportation and packaging equipment;

8, accessories tools: precision machining, cutting machine die cutting tools, bearings, sensors, automatic voltage regulator, encoder;

9. Related services: computer aided design, computer aided manufacturing solutions, and related software technologies.