International Industrial Exhibition In Hanoi, Vietnam

- Jul 20, 2019-

The exhibition to introduce

Vietnam industry exhibition VIIF and international wire, cable and material equipment (Vietnam) exhibition has been supported by the ministry of industry, the ministry of trade and other ministries and the people's government of Hanoi.With its good reputation and extensive publicity, the annual exhibition has attracted attention from the same industry at home and abroad and has become a professional industrial exhibition in Vietnam."Vietnam Hanoi international industrial exhibition" was founded in 1991, one of the largest and most influential industrial exhibitions in Vietnam and even southeast Asia.There are more than 700 exhibitors from home and abroad, including nearly 200 from abroad.According to the survey of intl exhibition, the exhibition area of the last exhibition was 11,500 square meters, and the outdoor area was 4,000 square meters.The audience number is 35,000 / time, and the professional audience rate is as high as 70%.From Vietnam, South Korea, China, Japan, Singapore, Germany, Thailand, Cuba, Czech republic, India, France, Malaysia, Australia, the Netherlands, Indonesia, Russia, Taiwan and other 20 countries and regions.In 2019, it is hoped that relevant enterprises will seize this trade opportunity and actively participate in the exhibition.

Market analysis

Vietnam, a member of the asean free trade area, is located in the east of indo-china peninsula, facing the beibu gulf and the south China sea in the east and south, bordering yunnan and guangxi in the north and Laos and Cambodia in the west.It covers an area of 330,000 square kilometers and has a population of more than 90 million.In the past six years, the economy has developed rapidly, ranking among the top 10 in the world.As a member of asean, Vietnam is a springboard and convenient channel for Chinese products to enter the consumption market of asean's 500 million people.The trade volume between China and Vietnam has increased by more than 100 times in the past decade.With the establishment of china-asean free trade area and the beginning of the era of zero-tariff trade, it has brought unlimited new business opportunities for Chinese enterprises to expand the asean market.Vietnam is backward in machine tool manufacturing technology and equipment, 60% of which relies on imports. "made in China" is "good quality and cheap", leaving a huge gap in the market.In the coming years, Vietnam will need a lot of investment to introduce advanced technology and equipment to improve the level of domestic manufacturing.In recent years, a large amount of infrastructure and industrial development in Vietnam has driven the growth of steel consumption and the rapid development of metallurgy, machinery and metal processing industries.But Vietnam's dependence on imports, despite more than a decade of growth in its metal-processing and machine-building industries, remains low, with imports still around 60%, according to SHOWGUIDE.This provides huge opportunities for Chinese companies with a presence in the Vietnamese market.China's investment in Vietnam has just started. In recent years, the Vietnamese government has adjusted its trade policies with China. The Vietnamese government has determined that under the same conditions, Vietnam chooses Chinese enterprises and encourages Chinese enterprises to invest in Vietnam.

The last review

Exhibition area: 11,500 square meters

Number of exhibitors: 1,000

Audience: 35,000

Exhibits range

the Belt and Road

1, all kinds of machine tools, general machinery, rubber machinery, plastic processing machinery, food processing machinery, printing, packaging machinery, textile machinery, clothing machinery, chemical machinery, mining machinery, engineering machinery, construction machinery, forestry machinery, woodworking machinery, agricultural machinery, light industry machinery, precision machinery, electrical appliances, raw material processing equipment, pressure casting machinery and accessories, etc.;

2, all kinds of industrial lighting, industrial wires and cables, all kinds of industrial switches, hardware tools, paper and rubber products, stamping machinery, diesel generators, small and medium-sized diesel generators, grain processing machinery, all kinds of small and medium-sized agricultural machinery and accessories;

3, refrigeration machinery, blow molding machine, car and motorcycle spare parts, welding and cutting equipment and auxiliary parts, welding electrode, metal processing machinery, chain, locks, corrugated board machine, jacks, all kinds of spare parts, complete sets of equipment, gear box, deceleration machine, water pump, water pump units, motorcycles and spare parts, bearings, valves, mold, forging, casting, surface treatment equipment and electric, pneumatic tools, hand tools, all kinds of metal wire, etc.;

4. Electrode and carbon products;Metal processing equipment, tools, technologies, etc.Detection and control system;Casting production process and technology;Refractory materials and metallurgical burden;Steel service center and storage, etc.