International Industrial Exhibition In Bogota, Colombia

- Jul 25, 2019-

The exhibition to introduce

FIB, Colombia's industrial exhibition, began in 1954 and is organized every two years by CORFERIAS international, Colombia's largest exhibition company.As Colombia's largest and oldest industrial exhibition, the exhibition's influence has covered the entire South American region.Most of the exhibitors and visitors have given good comments on the exhibition effect, exhibitors are particularly satisfied with the high quality of professional visitors.

Market analysis

In recent years, the South American market continues to heat up. With the development of economy, Colombia's economic structure has also undergone great changes.Agriculture and animal husbandry, including forestry, fishing and hunting, decreased from 39.6 percent of GDP to 17.4 percent, while the share of industry (including mining, construction, gas, water, electricity and manufacturing) increased from 16.8 percent to 34.8 percent.According to statistics from the Colombian customs and taxation administration, the total bilateral trade volume between Colombia and China reached 4.66 billion us dollars from January to June 2011, up 31.9%.Colombia's imports from China amounted to us $3.47 billion, up 57.5%, accounting for 13.4% of Colombia's total imports.China is Colombia's second largest source of imports and second largest export market.