International Exhibition Of Industrial Equipment In Damascus, Syria

- Sep 17, 2019-

Exhibition date: October 2019

Venue: Asia - Syria - Damascus

Industry: industry

The exhibition to introduce

There is no doubt that Syria has become the cradle of human civilization due to its unique geographical location, as well as its location in the traffic artery, paving the way for Syria to go abroad to the world and promoting the vigorous development of the national economy.Organized by ARABIAN GROUP company, which is good at capturing market information, SIF industry exhibition is supported by Syria foreign trade and economic commission, and timely fills the market vacancy. With the goal of displaying the latest scientific and technological achievements, it provides the most professional communication platform for exhibitors, investors, traders and visitors.ARABIAN GROUP requires that the fair win by precision, not by quantity, so each show is conducted with all the latest industry data collected to ensure good results.In addition, the exhibition was greatly assisted by the local media and had a good publicity effect. Each exhibition attracted many countries around the world, such as France, Germany, Italy, Czech republic and Egypt.Lebanon, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, India, Turkey and others are doing well.Yingtuo exhibition invites you to participate in this exhibition, looking forward to working with you to explore the market and harvest business opportunities!

Previous reviews

The 2005 international industry fair was held in Damascus, capital of Syria.By then, it attracted 254 well-known enterprises from 28 countries, 87% of which showed their latest products, 80% wanted to strengthen brand effect, 73% sought new customers, 38% just wanted to study the latest market trends, and 16% found new agents.At the same time, the level of visitors also showed a significant increase compared with previous years, more than 67% of the audience for the company's decision-making leaders.After the exhibition, the participants were basically satisfied and summarized four reasons for attending the exhibition:

Big4 provides a professional platform for buyers and sellers to capture the latest market supply and demand information.

Big4's main purpose is to showcase cutting-edge technology products at home and abroad, so that industry insiders know the trends.

Big4 is Syria's only industrial exhibition featuring four major projects and is one of the most important annual events in Syria.

Big4 cooperates with the most powerful media in the country in an all-round way, with extraordinary publicity and extensive influence.

A brief introduction to the Syrian industrial market

The Middle East has gradually become the world's attention to the production of industrial equipment base, the frequent import and export business and various forms of expo has driven the economic development of the whole region.In all of the Arab world, Syria's most importance to industrial production, the government last year issued a series of new policies and regulations to encourage the continuous renewal of industrial production, such as new investment, reduce the Banks' interest, improve the stock market, establish a free trade area, etc., and dial the huge sum of money to build the new industrial city, such as Damascus and homs, aleppo, etc.

Exhibits range

Packaging machinery, packaging materials, pharmaceutical packaging, food packaging, filling equipment, etc.

Printing machinery, printing technology, printing products.

Plastic machinery, plastic materials, plastic products.

Rubber machinery and equipment, warehouse equipment, etc