India Initiates Anti-dumping Investigations Against Imports Of Nitrile Rubber From Many Countries

- Sep 09, 2020-

On May 26, the Indian Ministry of Commerce and Industry issued an announcement stating that in response to an application submitted by the domestic Indian company Apcotex Industries Limited, an anti-dumping investigation was initiated against nitrile rubber originating in or imported from China, the European Union, Japan and Russia. This case involves products under the Indian customs code 40025900. The dumping investigation period is from July 1, 2019 to March 31, 2020 (9 months), and the damage investigation period is from April 1, 2016 to March 31, 2017. Day, April 1, 2017 ~ March 31, 2018, April 1, 2018 ~ June 30, 2019.

This is not the first time India has initiated an anti-dumping investigation against imported nitrile rubber. Since 1996, India has successively imposed anti-dumping duties on nitrile rubber imported from Germany, South Korea, Taiwan Province of China, the European Union, Brazil, Mexico and other countries and regions. But this did not prevent foreign nitrile rubber from continuing to attack the Indian market. The main reason is that India’s own nitrile rubber production capacity is very limited, and India’s domestically produced nitrile rubber is in short supply, but the domestic market demand in India is increasing. When India does not have new nitrile rubber supply capacity, it can only choose imported sources.

From 2018 to 2019, China's export of nitrile rubber to India has increased significantly; in 2019, the export volume of India's nitrile rubber has reached about 4,000 tons, an increase of 549.99% compared with 2013. From the perspective of export proportions, the proportion of exports to India in China's total nitrile rubber exports in 2019 rose to nearly 30%, ranking first in China's nitrile rubber exports, while this proportion was only about 10% before 2019 . The overall growth of China's nitrile rubber export volume has been steady. Starting from March 20, 2020, China has adjusted the export tax rebate rate for some products. Among them, the export tax rebate of nitrile rubber has been increased from 10% to 13%. After the short-term impact on the Indian market, Southeast Asia Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, etc. still have certain growth potential in the market.

Judging from the export data of the past two years, the proportion of China's nitrile rubber exports to India has increased significantly, but in terms of the apparent consumption of China's domestic nitrile rubber market, the proportion is relatively small, and the overall impact is not big at present.