In A Few Years, The Global Market Value Of Plastic Machinery Will Reach New Heights

- Apr 03, 2019-

The plastic machinery industry is to provide processing equipment for the plastic products industry. In recent years, the plastic machinery industry in China has developed rapidly, and its development speed and the main economic indicators created are among the top among 194 industries in the machinery industry.The annual manufacturing capacity of plastic machinery is about 200,000 sets, with complete categories, ranking first in the world.The Freedonia Group, a market-research firm, recently released a report saying it expects its market value to exceed $37 billion in 2017 after four years.With the improvement of sales environment, the increase of fixed asset investment and the increase of demand for plastic products, the development prospect of the global plastic machinery industry can be expected in the next few years.From 2013 to 2017, the global demand for plastic machinery will increase by 6.9% year on year.Zoe Biller, the company's chief analyst, pointed out that the packaging sector will remain the biggest market for plastic machinery in the coming years.Sales of plastic machinery in the sector will account for more than a third of the total in 2017.In addition, the production of consumer goods and building materials will also make a significant contribution to the growth of plastic machinery sales.In terms of machine types, injection molding machines will continue to lead the sales charts with their superior performance and wide range of applications.Injection molding machine sales are expected to account for more than two-fifths of total plastic machinery sales in 2017.Demand for extruders will continue to rise in the coming years as the global construction industry recovers.Central and South America is expected to become the world's largest sales market.It was followed by Africa and the Middle East.Although India's demand for plastic machinery is currently growing at only 12 per cent a year, the report predicts that the country's demand for plastic machinery will increase significantly in the coming years.Although China plastic machinery development soon, production or more varieties, and basically can supply the domestic plastic raw material processing and the general technical equipment required for the plastic products processing, molding, individual products into the world, also in terms of sales area, area in developing countries is expected to become the biggest plastic machinery sales market.Demand for plastic machinery has been growing in Brazil in recent years.

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