How Does The Industry Transform And Upgrade

- May 04, 2019-

In recent years, the business of protective gloves has also failed.Whether it is a factory with large-scale production or a small workshop with families as a unit, it faces the following pain points:

(1) serious product homogeneity and fierce competition

In addition to the technical content of certain labor protection gloves used in special fields, other labor protection gloves used for ordinary consumers are easy to imitate.As a result, the market is flooded with almost indistinguishable labor gloves, and when consumers face more choices, the manufacturers of labor gloves will face great pressure to sell them.

(2) labor protection gloves contain toxic substances, and the product has low qualified rate of health

Because of raw materials and chemical additives, disposable plastic gloves, rubber gloves and other products mostly contain toxic substances.Manufacturers are limited by money and technology, it is difficult to reduce the toxic content of gloves.But the consumer to the health request is very high, the health qualified rate not high product will not buy generally.

(3) other pain points

Of course, the labor protection glove industry has some other pain points, such as dealers pressure capital, accounts receivable recovery risk;In addition, dealers huddle together to further improve the bargaining power of dealers, making the factory worse.

In the face of the above several industry pain points, the main business of various latex gloves in shandong shunxing labor insurance supplies co., ltd. realized the seriousness of the problem.Therefore, shunxing labor insurance actively seeks methods and paths of enterprise transformation and upgrading.Finally, shunxing labor insurance found Shanghai shudao enterprise management consulting co., LTD.Shudao chairman wang jingfei went to shandong for a field trip to personally formulate a feasible plan for enterprise transformation.

Based on the pain points of the industry of labor protection gloves, shudao chairman jingfei wang further analyzed the pain points faced by consumers:

(1) labor protection gloves are troublesome and smelly

Not only are they troublesome to wear, but because of their raw materials, most latex gloves emit a pungent odor.

(2) labor protection gloves will sweat if worn for a long time

Because of the characteristics of the product, the air permeability of the gloves is poor, wearing for a long time will appear hot or even sweating and other phenomena.

(3) worry about the quality of labor protection gloves

There is no shortage of labor protection gloves produced by small workshops on the market. However, these workshops do not have strict production process, and the toxic substance content of labor protection gloves produced by these workshops is too high, which will cause harm to human body.

The primary challenge for the "paper dining gloves" is how to develop disposable and biodegradable raw materials for the production of paper gloves.All kinds of "plastics" are made with corn extract as raw material. As this kind of plastic is made entirely from corn extract, it is non-toxic and harmless, and can be completely degraded, so it is very suitable for the production of disposable gloves in the catering industry.

Finally, as consumers of the catering industry, if they can choose, they will definitely choose this kind of non-toxic, harmless and pollution-free "paper catering gloves". In this era of frequent cancer, who doesn't want to eat more healthily and stay away from cancer?