Glove Factory Analyzes Chinese Outdoor Glove Market

- May 17, 2019-

At present, the domestic glove market mainly focuses on the wholesale of voluntary gloves, and the gloves only provide labor insurance and rubber gloves for factories.Like ski gloves, outdoor gloves are a small number of sewing gloves, but junxian glove factory mainly processing this kind of gloves.I also like the prospects of this kind of gloves.

Gloves are closely related to daily life, in the normal mind will immediately think of gloves, textile gloves knitting gloves and rubber gloves.

In fact, China has long been in the design and production, racing motorcycle skiing advanced labor insurance golf riding gloves.But now the Chinese market is very small, the industry is very narrow, many people can not accept this new product.The first country in Asia to make gloves was probably Japan and then South Korea because many factories in Japan and South Korea came to China to create companies to save money, so the glove technology stayed in China.

This kind of gloves are comfortable and widely used by foreign users.At present, glove companies are all over the world, but few people make sample gloves, because this profession is different from that of clothing, shoes and hats. Clothing, shoes and hats are now common, and there are standard data and books, as well as schools to learn from.Nowadays, there are no professional schools or books on glove-making board, and only teachers teach apprentices such traditional methods to learn.As the saying goes, rare things are precious. This occupation is a high-paying occupation in China (white-collar class).

After a few years of precipitation and accumulation of Chinese outdoor gloves, ski gloves, etc., have a great progress and development, now junxian glove co - processing plant mainly for the major gloves brand processing gloves business.Technology has been mature, but now the popularity is not too optimistic, so jinhong glove factory has been trying to solve this problem from the network.I hope that the southern relatively large glove brand can come to our factory to visit and exchange.Common progress, common development, better foreign and domestic outdoor gloves, military gloves, as well as ski gloves.We believe that "dripping stone wears through" this sentence, we will adhere to the gloves processing industry, for the glove industry to make a small contribution.

The development of outdoor gloves industry is synchronized with the economic development of our country. Although it started late, it caters to the consumption habits and ideas of health, green and leisure, and has a huge market space and capacity.There are reasons to believe that the outdoor goods industry needs a highly prosperous spring.