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- Nov 17, 2018-

Natural rubber products market report at July 2018


Recently, the National Association of Natural Rubber Producers issued the latest monthly data. From January to May 2018, the market demand for natural rubber exceeded its supply, but this situation only had a slight impact on prices, and the supply deficit at the stage remained. Failed to reignite the market.


ANRPC stated that global rubber consumption increased by 6.2% during this period to 5.82 million tons, and the world’s rubber supply was 5.25 million tons during the same period, an increase of 7.7%. The shortage of 570,000 tons contributed to “partially absorbing” surpluses in the market. in stock.


They stated that the rubber market is expected to tend to a balance between supply and demand during the rest of 2018. Production is expected to increase by 6.1% to 14.2 million tons, and consumption will increase by 6.9% to 14.3 million tons.


ANRPC said that despite the lack of supply and crude oil prices in late April, NR prices rose only slightly in April and May, and due to worries about the trade war and the Fed may further revise the policy interest rate, Asian commodity market.


Currently latex prices stable around RM4.20 per kg wet as supply 60% DRC in bulk. Mainly due to good weather and sufficient supply. 


NBR latex expected to rise due to oil price moving up to above USD 70. Estimated increased to USD 1.50 per kg wet at 45% TSC in bulk.

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