Full Automatic Mask Production Line, Factory Direct Sales, Reasonable Structure

- Jun 20, 2020-

Medical mask machine category: Ultrasonic outer ear band mask machine (outer ear band mask automatic spot welding machine)

The ultrasonic outer earband mask machine fuses the elastic band on both sides of the mask body by ultrasound to complete the earband mask product. Only one operator needs to place the mask body piece by piece on the conveyor belt jig, and the remaining follow-up actions to the finished product The completion is automatically operated by the machine, and the output of this machine is higher than that of the general earband machine.

  Medical mask machine principle:

The principle of medical mask machine is mainly to use ultrasonic energy to quickly weld or trim or emboss the material by instantaneous wave. The operation is continuous wave, stable, labor-saving and high efficiency.

  Medical mask machine maintenance and maintenance methods:

   1. Appearance: The masks we use to wear on the face, some even go into the operating room, medical mask machine, so the production of masks requires the medical mask machine to be neat and tidy. Every day after get off work, you need to organize the personnel to clean the work surface of the equipment and the dishes holding the masks after shutting down the power supply. Be careful not to use water or oil. You can use alcohol and other non-volatile cleaning fluids;

2. Medical transmission system: The transmission system includes motors, gears, reducers, sprockets, chains, conveyor belts and other components. For medical mask machines, we have to check whether there is any dust on the outer surface of the motor that affects heat dissipation. Whether the gears and sprockets are oiled 1. Are there attachments? Whether the chain tightness is suitable, whether there is foreign matter, whether the link between the transmission parts is loose, etc. Whether the lubricating oil of the reducer is enough: Yiyin needs to replace the lubricating oil once in 1000 hours-1S00 hours. Check whether the equipment circuit connector is loose, whether the main power cord and branch signal line are worn, aging, loose electrical components, whether the electrical box is clean and monotonous, whether the exhaust fan is working normally, etc.;

  3. Ultrasonic system: (composed of ultrasonic electric box, vibrator, welding head and connecting wire);

  Check whether the ultrasonic system is clean, especially the ultrasonic box, vibrator (transducer) and welding head (enlargement ratio) must be cleaned monotonously without water, and the connection line must be firm. Frequently check the degree of wear of ultrasonic welding heads. Pay attention to inquiring about the change plan of the voltmeter and ammeter pointer on the ultrasonic electric box;

   4. Air supply system: (composed of air source filter system, air pipe and cylinder);

   Check if there is water in the air filter cup: put water, and by the way, put water into the air compressor (water from the air compressor: the area with high humidity will give the air compressor water every day) Check the air pipe for air leakage: the air cylinder has air leakage, the orientation of the cylinder magnetic anti-inductor and the operation is normal;

   5. Others: The equipment must not contact corrosive liquids and objects, for example, sweat will cause the equipment parts to rust. The equipment will not be used for a long time, such as holidays. Anti-rust oil should be applied to the transmission system and easy-embroidery parts of the medical mask machine.

  Maintenance and maintenance of the medical mask machine, we can greatly reduce the number of repairs of the medical mask machine, and the service life of the medical mask machine is greatly extended.

   Ultrasonic outer ear mask machine features:

   1. The machine is dense, small in size and does not occupy space;

   2. PLC program control, high stability and low failure rate;

   3. The whole machine adopts aluminum alloy structure, which is beautiful and solid without rust;

   4. Photoelectric detection to reduce the error rate.

   5. The welding strength of the ear strap is adjustable.