Fujian Jixiang Medical Technology Co., Ltd. Production Line For Nitrile Gloves Was Put Into Operation

- Jan 27, 2021-

On the eve of New Year's Day, the production line of nitrile gloves of Fujian Jixiang Medical Technology Co., Ltd. was put into operation in the new industrial and trade city of Changting County. The total investment of the project is 1.05 billion yuan, and it has only been 4 months from signing to production.

   It is understood that Jixiang Company is a large-scale medical device enterprise that was invested by the Changting County Government and was jointly invested and constructed by Sinopharm Capital Management Co., Ltd. and Xiamen Hexion Group Co., Ltd. The company was established in August last year, and its main products are nitrile pvc, latex medical gloves and civilian gloves. The project has strong market competitiveness and development prospects.

According to Xu Hongsong, chairman of Jixiang Medical Technology Co., Ltd., at the beginning of the signing ceremony in August last year, he originally hoped to invest 1.05 billion yuan to build 36 production lines in two phases within three years, with an annual output of 7 billion latex nitrile gloves. Up to 3.5 billion yuan. However, in contact with the Changting County Party Committee, County Government and relevant departments, the company deeply felt that Changting attaches great importance to investment projects and cares for entrepreneurs. It has doubled its confidence, shortened the construction period of the project, expanded production capacity and strived Within one year, complete an investment of 1.05 billion yuan, build 39 production lines and supporting facilities, build an annual output of 10 billion latex and nitrile gloves, an annual output value of 5 billion yuan, a tax creation of 150 million yuan, provide 1,000 jobs, and radiate related supporting facilities Industry projects. It is understood that the project ranks first in the province in terms of production and sales in the industry, and will greatly promote the high-quality development of Changting Old District.

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