Features Of Production Equipment For Medical Glove Production Line

- Jul 25, 2020-

Features of your medical glove production line production equipment:

1. The core component of the production line is the chain structure of the medical glove production line. The chain running resistance is small and the running is very stable, which is the key technology to solve the chain jitter.

2. Vertical hot air circulation is adopted in the drying oven, the heat circulation in the oven is sufficient, and the temperature distribution is uniform to save energy. The film is dry and well-proportioned to ensure the physical properties of the film.

3. Continuous production is critical to the cleaning of glove molds, especially finger cleaning. Unsatisfactory cleaning directly affects product quality.

4. Mold positioning technology can solve on-machine coding.

5. The glove crimping roller is placed underneath, and the mold rotation is accelerated to the top, using polyurethane roll crimping technology. Even if the hemming of the glove is smooth and strong, it solves the problem of simultaneous multi-specification production on the production line.

6. The appearance design of the whole machine is smooth and beautiful. Concealed layout of trunking, water pipe and steam pipe.