Dubai International Plastic And Rubber Industry Exhibition

- Jul 23, 2019-

The exhibition to introduce

The 13th Arab dubai international plastic and rubber industry exhibition arabplast will be held at the dubai world trade center on February 5, 2019.According to statistics, the exhibition area reached 40,000 square meters in 2015, and there were 906 professional exhibitors, 30% higher than that in 2013. The exhibitors came from 41 countries and regions, including Canada, China, Denmark, Egypt, France, Germany, Britain, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Malaysia and so on.The exhibition also attracted 27,268 professional buyers from 119 countries including Europe, Africa, gulf countries and India.

You will have unique access to the cash-rich Middle East and Africa through the dubai plastic expo.Including the Middle East - the united Arab emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, bahrain, Qatar, Iran, Iraq and African countries Kenya, Egypt, Sudan, Nigeria, Tanzania, South Africa, Morocco, Tunisia and other countries.Previous shows at the dubai plastics show have shown that products made in China are popular in the Middle East.

Market analysis

As the second largest emirate in the united Arab emirates, dubai is not only the financial, economic and trade center of the uae, but also the business and tourism center of the whole Middle East region, known as the "Hong Kong" of the Middle East.Dubai is also known as the "trading capital" of the united Arab emirates, because it accounts for around 70% of the uae's non-oil trade.Dubai imports more than us $17 billion of products every year.Free of foreign exchange controls, foreign trade quotas and a prime location in the world's richest region, dubai is currently the world's premier entrepot for investment and trade.To attract investment, dubai has rolled out a number of preferential policies, eliminating income and consumption taxes and luring global investors with a near-tax-free trade opening.

Since the establishment of diplomatic ties, bilateral relations have made substantial progress.Bilateral high-level exchanges and economic and trade cooperation have been developing continuously.China is the second largest trading partner of the uae, after India, and the largest importer and exporter of the uae if entrepot is excluded.The economic and trade cooperation between China and the uae has been increasing. China attaches great importance to investment in the Middle East, especially in dubai of the uae.Over the past decade, imports of rubber and plastic products for packaging in the united Arab emirates have increased substantially each year.Increasing population and consumption need to further promote the rapid development of rubber and plastics industry.The 2019 Arab international rubber and plastic exhibition will be a great opportunity for Chinese mainland enterprises to hit the Middle East rubber and plastic products market once again!