Domestic Textile Machinery Industry Is Accelerating The Pace Of Transformation And Upgrading

- Jul 09, 2019-

On June 16, 2014, China international textile machinery exhibition and ITMA Asia exhibition was held in Shanghai. More than 1600 textile machinery manufacturers from 26 countries and regions showed their latest research and development achievements. The new textile equipment with automation, networking and intelligence attracted attention.

At the exhibition, the products of some domestic manufacturers filled the domestic gap and reached the international advanced level.The e 2518/2t-170 warp knitting machine developed by changde fills the blank of domestic high-end warp knitting elastic fabric weaving equipment.The machine adopts short acting crankshaft and connecting rod technology, and the running speed can reach 3000 RPM.Rieter operates four spinning machines at the exhibition site to demonstrate its core competitiveness.

With the transfer of the textile industry, the Asian market has become the recognized core market of the global textile enterprises.Top international spinning machine enterprises from overseas do not only bring some products suitable for the Chinese market, as in previous years, but bring the newly developed products to China for the first time.Charles Baldwin, chairman of the European council of textile machinery manufacturers, said at the exhibition that China's textile machinery industry, which accounts for 30 percent of the world's total, is now actively seeking transformation, with a focus on the development and introduction of advanced technologies to achieve sustainable development.As a traditional region of textile machinery production and a frontier of innovation, Europe is willing to help China with technological transformation and industrial upgrading.

Wang shutian, President of the China textile machinery and equipment industry association, said that in 2013, 15 percent of the 115 billion yuan in sales revenue from textile machinery companies on the Chinese mainland was for export.Although the scale of China's textile machinery industry is considerable, there is still a gap between the proportion of high-end products and the world's advanced level, and the innovation capacity needs to be improved.It is hoped that Chinese textile machinery enterprises can learn from the world's advanced experience and promote the overall level of the industry through this exhibition.