Disposable Medical Gloves Products Are Updated And Nitrile Gloves Come In

- Aug 12, 2020-

In recent years, the domestic production capacity of nitrile gloves has increased rapidly, mainly from the expansion of the original PVC glove manufacturers. The nitrile glove market was previously occupied by Malaysia and other Southeast Asian countries, forming a relatively mature and stable market structure with a high degree of marketization. The domestic introduction of nitrile production lines was late, and related technologies and production lines were mainly from Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia. The industrial facilities, production costs (raw materials, energy), and environment of the company have great advantages over Southeast Asian countries, and the quality and price are gradually accepted by overseas customers.

Disposable medical gloves products are updated, and nitrile gloves are behind: Compared with PVC gloves, the formula system and production process of nitrile gloves are more complicated. While the industry threshold and investment have increased, nitrile gloves have also obtained elasticity that is close to that of natural latex gloves. , And surpass latex gloves in terms of dyeability, corrosion resistance, etc.; due to excellent performance in antistatic, stretchability, comfort, oil resistance, etc., and a high level of gross profit margin, nitrile gloves are expected to become the future disposable medical The main varieties of gloves, Malaysia exported 51.2 billion nitrile gloves in 2018, a year-on-year increase of 15.7%; domestic nitrile gloves companies such as Langho Medical are also rapidly expanding their production lines for nitrile gloves.