Disposable Mask Machine Manufacturers, Factory Direct Sales, Reasonable Structure

- Jun 19, 2020-

The medical mask machine is a powerful assistant for medical staff. Not only is it fast and efficient, it also helps related operators to reduce a lot of burden, so it is very popular in the medical industry. In order to obtain good working results, try not to rush to start when purchasing, you should first understand some precautions in order to better purchase.

   Ultrasonic outer ear mask machine features:

   1. The machine is dense, small in size and does not occupy space;

   2. PLC program control, high stability and low failure rate;

   3. The whole machine adopts aluminum alloy structure, which is beautiful and solid without rust;

   4. Photoelectric detection to reduce the error rate.

   5. The welding strength of the ear strap is adjustable.

  Medical mask machine principle:

The principle of medical mask machine is mainly to use ultrasonic energy to make welding or trimming or embossing of materials quickly by instantaneous wave, continuous wave, stable, labor-saving and high efficiency during operation.

Purchase medical mask machine should try to adopt photoelectric detection system and speed measurement system, so as to better control the speed of conveying gauze, and accurately measure and fold its length, width and narrowness. Of course, the equipment purchased should also have an independent drive motor controlled by a frequency converter. In order to avoid problems during the operation, the medical mask machine should also have a self-diagnostic function and safety protection system, and the anti-static function should be good to ensure the stability of the equipment for daily operation and maintenance of the equipment.