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- Jun 06, 2020-

Chinese masks have already achieved assembly line production, under normal circumstances, generally a machine can produce 2 to 3 masks per second. So why is there a shortage of masks on the market when raw materials are available: because masks must be sterilized when they leave the factory. According to the official ministry of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: the speed of producing masks in China is very fast, only 0.5 seconds/piece, but the standard process of analysis and disinfection after production takes 7 days to half a month.

  Classification of flat masks: flat masks for outer ears, flat masks for inner ears, flat masks with straps

  The main application scope of flat masks: Earhook elastic masks are mainly used in food factories, electronic instrument factories, pharmaceutical factories, beauty salons, family health care, etc. Bandage masks are mainly used in the medical and health industry, especially for surgical operations.

  The masks produced by the mask production line are comfortable to wear, without pressure, and have a good filtering effect. They fit the human face and can be used in medical, electronics, mining, construction and other industries. This machine adopts PLC, touch screen control, and the main conveyor belt adopts one-way motor transmission and transmission. The control is stable and the speed is adjustable.

  What equipments are needed to produce flat masks:

   1. Semi-automatic production process:

   Need plane mask mask machine, two less ear strap welding machine.

  If you want to produce a bandage mask machine, you need a mask bandage welding machine

  Machine ratio: 1 plane mask punching machine, 2 ear strap welding machines or mask strapping machines.

  Efficiency: 120-150 tablets per minute for plane mask machine, 40-50 tablets for ear strap welding machine.

2. Fully automatic production process: need to use: one drag two plane mask integrated machine (optional according to production capacity), one drag three plane mask integrated machine (optional according to production capacity) efficiency: one drag two integrated machine: 80-110pcs /min, one-in-one triad machine: 110-150pcs/min

3. Why a film machine needs to be equipped with 2-3 earband welding machines: the plane mask is composed of the body of the mask and the earband. The traditional mask equipment refers to the body machine and the ear responsible for forming and filming the mask body It is composed of ear strap machine with welding, while the efficiency of the body machine is higher (120-150 pieces/minute), and the ear strap welding machine is relatively low (40--60 pieces/minute). In order to realize the welding of the body machine and the ear belt The perfect matching of the machine output, so we generally recommend a body machine with 2 to 3 earband welding machines to customers. In a fully automatic integrated equipment, a mask body machine is also connected to 2 to 3 earbands. Welding machine.