Development Status And Trend Of PVC Dipping Gloves Manufacturers

- Apr 11, 2019-

As a kind of labor protection gloves, immersion gloves have a specific range of use and object, its manufacturers are facing the development environment and trend is also changing.Dip-molded gloves are made of paste resin and environment-friendly oil, which are durable and corrosion-proof. They are suitable for chemical industry, machinery, oil field, fishing and other fields.

There is an increasing demand for customized products in the glove industry, and it is difficult for one product to solve all the problems in the industry.Such as non-slip gloves, cutting gloves;Multi-functional products are increasingly in high demand, both wear-resistant and comfortable and oil and acid and alkali resistant gloves;End users will have higher requirements on product quality, comfort, beauty, multi-function, durability, problem solving and continuous improvement;The demand gradually transfers to the domestic product, the domestic production factory equipment improvement, the production craft enhancement, enables the domestic to dip the plastic glove quality to meet the consumer demand.

With the development trend of marketing in the industry, end-users have higher and higher requirements on the brand, and manufacturers are constantly improving the brand awareness.There are more and more tenders for end users, more and more orders for online tenders and higher requirements for technical parameters.Higher and higher service requirements, higher and higher requirements of end users.Timely delivery, timely replacement, timely response, timely invoice, packaging, payment days long.Dealers are increasingly demanding on manufacturers or primary agents.Timely quotation, timely delivery, no error;Finally, users have higher and higher requirements for product knowledge training, and they hope to master the method of regulating the use of gloves through training to extend the service life.

There are many types of PVC immersion gloves, including yellow immersion gloves, blue oil-resistant gloves, non-slip gloves, palm fish gloves, cashmere gloves.Foreign custom style division more fine, smooth gloves, rough gloves, sanded gloves, fluorescent gloves, tiger gloves and so on.Various styles, can meet the needs of different consumer customization.