Design Of Modular Glove Machine Control System

- May 23, 2019-

With the improvement of the level of mechanical and electrical integration of the glove machine, some of the sub-control systems of the glove machine are transformed from the traditional mechanical type to the electromechanical type.Although the electronic control type has the advantages of simple structure and flexible operation, but the traditional mechanical type has the advantages of stability, so the two types occupy a certain proportion of the market.This design modularizes the main part of the glove machine, so that the existing common glove machine of different sub-control systems can use the unified master control program.This design firstly analyzes and summarizes the different subsystems of the existing glove machine, and divides the main part of the glove machine into six modules, including needle selection module, flexible shaft control module, yarn module, signal detection module, display interface module and key module.The first three are special, with two different subcontrol systems.Needle selection module includes the traditional electromagnet control of small drum mechanical and new electromagnet needle selection electronic control module, soft shaft control module has the traditional electromagnet control of large drum mechanical and electromagnetic valve control special cylinder electronic control module, yarn module contains fixed monochrome yarn and two-color yarn change.The remaining three modules do not yet have different types.Port Linux system to glove control for this.In addition to the necessary hardware design, it is also necessary to code the software part.The kernel part of the driver, the system startup script, the application layer of the main control program is the software part of the preparation.The driver part will be based on the Linux bus-device-driver structure and use the platform bus to write the code of the driver part.Specifically, the general driver is written for each module, and the corresponding device file is written for different models of each module, so as to realize the control of each module driver on a variety of similar devices.Also need to write the startup script /etc/init. D /rcS, through the menu selection, complete the glove machine each module of different devices start detection.Meanwhile, the main control program of the application layer will be started by the startup script.Through the kernel part of the driver, system startup script code preparation, that is, through the glove machine modularization, so that the application layer glove machine main program and the bottom separation, reduce the glove machine sub-control system changes brought about by the software modification.This paper has realized the basic function of modular glove machine control system.The modularization idea proposed in this design can provide a good solution to the compatibility problem of the new and old subsystem in the software of the glove machine.So that the glove machine no longer because part of the subsystem changes and bring about the change of the whole software system.