Definition And Classification Of The Condom Industry

- May 24, 2019-

A, definitions,

Condoms also known as condoms, condoms, condoms, condoms, ruyi, is a non-drug form of simple way to prevent pregnancy, mainly used in sexual intercourse to prevent human sperm and eggs to combine, to prevent pregnancy.In addition, condoms also have to prevent gonorrhea, AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases, so also known as condoms, condoms are usually made of natural rubber or polyurethane.

Second, the classification of

Male condom

Because the latex is soft, men must be very careful when using it or it can tear easily.

Male condoms male condoms must be attached to the penis when it is erect.After ejaculation, be careful to pull out the penis before it becomes completely soft, so as not to let the semen flow into the female body and cause contraceptive failure.

ISO 4074 is the international standard for latex condoms for men.

Condoms on sale in China come in four sizes depending on their diameter: large (35 mm in diameter);Medium size (diameter: 33 mm);Small (diameter 31 mm) and extra-small (diameter 29 mm).The more common one is the medium size.

With the improvement of rubber quality and production technology, the thickness of condom becomes thinner day by day, but its elasticity and firmness are increased.According to the thickness of condoms can be divided into local thickening type (thickness of A: 0.36mm;B: 0.28 mm;C: 0.20 mm;Type D: 0.12mm), ordinary type (0.04 ~ 0.06 mm), ultra-thin type (0.03 mm) and thin type (between the former two), ultra-thin type is the domestic general use of advanced transparent condoms.

The appearance is varied.

(1) ordinary type, for latex rubber cover, the top of the storage of sperm with the capsule, the body is smooth.

(2) atypia, the body of the set has 1 ~ 4 narrow segments.

Condom, corrugated, the body made of multiple layers of corrugated or flower-shaped.

(4), particle type, cover the surface of the uniform adhesion of latex particles.5. Locally thickened and large-grain type, locally thickened glans glans, coronal groove and back lacuna, and added smooth and large-grain on the outer wall of coronal groove.Spices can be added in the production process, so that it sends out a light fragrance of various flowers;If match with antiphlogistic medicine or sex excited sluggish agent, can produce the purpose of antiphlogistic, delay sexual intercourse.

The user may choose the different type and the appearance condom according to oneself and the sexual partner's concrete situation, may enhance the sexual life quality already, can guarantee the contraceptive effect.

Female condom

Placed in a woman's vagina.But because the barrier to vaginal secretion of natural lubrication, so sexual intercourse must use lubrication.

Female condoms are usually made of polyurethane, which provides better heat conductivity and toughness than latex condoms, but they are also relatively expensive.When using, please refer to the instructions for correct use, so as not to cause errors and fall into the female body.

Female with condom is the sheath shape that makes by polyurethane special material soft, transparent and strong wear-resisting, its length is 17 centimeters about, ply is 0.42-0.53 millimeter, the biggest diameter is 7.8 centimeters, in contraceptive while it can prevent sexual infection disease extremely effectively (include AIDS) transmission.Condoms at each end of a flexible ring, set bottom completely closed, when used will be close to the end of the vagina, outside the ring is larger and thinner, will remain on the vaginal opening when using external to act according to cut off the male penis and female genital in direct contact, more effectively than male condoms to prevent the spread of germs.

Female condom is coated with dimethylpolysiloxane as the main raw material, inert, no killing of sperm lubricants, in the act can make the male penis in the case of free movement, users can also cooperate with a variety of intravenous drip to increase the excitement of the liquid agent to increase pleasure.Unlike male condoms, which are made of polyurethane ultra-thin materials, female condoms allow both partners to achieve maximum sensitivity for maximum pleasure.