Current Machinery Industry Development Employment Prospects?

- May 24, 2019-

With the expansion of the scale of infrastructure construction in our country, the construction of key infrastructure projects started in succession, according to the relevant departments to statistics, in 2010 China engineering machinery sales Numbers more than 150000 units, sales amount more than $150 billion, ranks the world's third construction machinery sales, predicts 2015, demand of engineering machinery market in China will reach 8370-851 billion yuan.

With the expansion of the market, the construction machinery industry needs talent gap is also expanding, especially to have excellent technical theory, but also to have rich practical experience, but also to have hard-working dedication of high-end complex construction machinery talent is more in short supply.Engineering machinery, electro-hydraulic technology application, management, development, design and management departments.

From the perspective of the development of the machinery industry, printing machinery, CNC machine tools, power generation equipment, construction machinery and other key products are still promising prospects.In addition to these traditional industrial fields, the industry will further develop into the integration of machine and optoelectronics, and expand into emerging fields such as optical processing and environmental protection.Although the machinery industry is in a bad situation at present, after the reform of state-owned enterprises, the adjustment of industrial structure and the optimization of the allocation of human resources, once it keeps pace with the market economy and the information age, it will show strong vitality and economic benefits will pick up.

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