China's Textile Industry Should Respond To Industrial Transfer With Intelligent Manufacturing And Green Development

- Jul 05, 2019-

In recent years, the new round of global textile industry transfer shows the characteristics of middle and low-end shift to southeast Asia and high-end shift back to Europe and America.Industry experts believe that intelligent manufacturing and green development should be taken as important steps to achieve transformation and upgrading in industrial transfer

A national seminar on textile industry transfer and intelligent manufacturing and ecological development was recently held in shuyang, jiangsu province, and a thorough discussion was conducted on how to better optimize resource allocation in the textile industry under the new situation.The guests think, cost sensitive, labor-intensive textile and garment industry to seek low costs, the law, policy, highland is the current textile industry transfer has entered a new historical period, must explore a new development mode and path, to intelligent manufacturing and green development as the key, to speed up cultivating new momentum and core competitiveness, realize the transformation and upgrading in the industry transfer.

"The textile industry is the leading industry of industrial transfer. It is necessary to understand and grasp the new round of industrial transfer in light of China's national conditions: accelerate the transfer under the new normal, promote the industrial transfer under the new strategy, and lead the industrial transfer under the new concept."Said cao tingrui, director of the textile department of the ministry of industry and information technology.

At present, the new round of global textile industry transfer presents the characteristics of two-way transfer, that is, the low-end transfer to southeast Asia, high-end return to Europe and the United States, China's textile industry is facing the challenge of "high not, low not".In recent years, the state has issued a series of corresponding policies to promote the healthy development of industrial transfer in order to ensure the "two win-win" of domestic industrial transfer: the transfer land and the transfer land, economic development and environmental protection.

Cao tingrui believes that the industrial supporting conditions in the central and western regions of China are more comprehensive than some parts of southeast Asia.In the long run, we must uphold innovation, focus on talent, accelerate research and development, and foster new drivers of growth and core competitiveness."To speed up the formation of textile smart innovation system, study and formulate the textile industry, in all areas of intelligent manufacturing standard, specification and verification platform, in the industry to implement intelligent manufacturing pilot and demonstration projects, promote to develop smart textile equipment, sensors, and software development and application, as well as to point with surface, gradual steps of enterprise intelligence, to build the future textile industry development model.""Cao said.

Yang jun, deputy secretary general of China textile industry federation, believes that policy orientation still plays a major role in industrial transfer, but there are also problems such as environmental pressure, cost factor pressure and unbalanced development of industrial transfer areas, so new contents must be added.

In fact, the textile industry in the process of industrial transfer, has begun a new exploration.Shuyang in northern jiangsu, in recent years, the speed of economic development.In order to promote the traditional textile industry to speed up the promotion of one of the leading industries, by following the development to lead development to speed up the transformation, ShuYang situation, decided to seize the opportunity, around the green, intelligent two main line, in ShuYang economic and technological development zone to the characteristics of highly intensive industrial park - ShuYang intelligent knitting industrial park.

As the country's first intelligent knitting industrial park, ShuYang intelligent knitting industrial park planning are directed by China textile industry association, mainly intelligent textiles, upward extends to the downstream, covered yarn, fabric, socks, seamless underwear, knitwear, will be completed after the completion of the incubator, template growth area, area and supporting area construction, enterprise cluster, industrial concentration, brand service, property management, such as park factor optimization configuration."The first phase of the project has been completed, and six enterprises have signed contracts.The second phase of 100,000 square meters of plant is expected to be delivered at the end of August.Shuyang county party secretary, secretary of the economic and technological development zone party work committee hu jianjun introduced, with smart knitting industrial park as the carrier platform, gathered a number of innovative, intelligent good projects, leading the transformation and upgrading of shuyang textile industry towards the direction of efficiency, intelligence, ecology.

"Shuyang intelligent knitting industrial park has a high starting point and high standards, which not only greatly promotes the local textile industry, but also provides valuable experience for China's textile industry to develop intelligent industrial park and promote the transformation and upgrading of the textile industry with intelligent manufacturing park.""Said sun huaibin, vice President of the China textile industry federation.