China's Rubber Machinery Segmentation Product Market Analysis

- Jul 11, 2019-

Mixer machine is mainly used for rubber plastication and mixing, there is a specific shape and relative rotation of the rotor, the adjustable temperature and pressure in airtight condition clearance to the molding of polymer materials and mixing machine, mainly consists of mixer chamber, rotor, rotor device, charging pressure sealing material outfit device, loading unloading device, transmission of device, frame parts, etc.

Mixer is an indispensable key equipment in tire production and various rubber products production, which is directly related to the stability of tire performance.Driven by the automobile industry, the demand for tires is increasing day by day. The mixer starts to develop towards environmental protection, energy saving and high speed. The large-capacity equipment conforms to this trend.Previously, only two companies in the world, kamaru of Japan and farrar of the United States, were able to produce the 650 liters of high-capacity mixer.At present, most of the domestic rubber tire enterprises use the mixer with 370 li capacity.The 650 lifter and mixer independently developed and produced by dacsu has a rubber refining capacity of 1.6 times that of 370 lifter and mixer, which can directly save about 20% investment and 15% energy for rubber tire enterprises.Yiyang rubber machinery, another leading company in China, has also completed the research and development of the mixer. At present, the company has completed the design of the whole set of drawings of the mixer, and the world's largest capacity of the mixer is 1,000 liters.

At present, there are many enterprises producing mixer in China, the most important of which is dalian rubber & plastic machinery factory, which is the earliest manufacturer of mixer. Drawing from the Soviet union has been introduced. Until now, most rubber factories in China have adopted the products of this factory.Another enterprise is yiyang rubber machinery factory, which was a large rubber machinery factory newly built in China in the 1960s. It introduced the technology of GK type internal refining mechanism from west Germany and produced GK270 internal refining machine in 1987.In 2010, yiyang rubber machinery sold 58 units of mixer, and in the first November of 2011, 61 units were sold, with the annual output of nearly 100 units.

Since the 1990s, foreign tire equipment manufacturers have launched such machines as mitsubishi heavy industries' SS2024SB three-drum machine, krupp's NR3 and TR3 models in Germany and VMI's VAST-QUATTRO three-drum, four-drum and VAST4 four-drum machines in the Netherlands.At present, more advanced is the all-steel radial tire forming equipment, our country began to introduce this equipment in 2002 and applied in several tire companies.Under normal working condition, each unit can shape 130-150 tires per shift, the output is 40% higher than that of the three-drum forming machine, which is nearly three times of the single-engine production of the two-drum forming machine.Tianjin institute of science and technology, Beijing space 625, Qingdao university soft control, such as shenyang LanYing enterprise products to market has successively, the current domestic all-steel tire projects are mostly adopted domestic two drums, three drum a method of forming machine, four drums due to the rotating drum, positioning precision is unstable, covers an area of large, has not been popularized in China.

Semi-steel radial tire forming machine this machine is divided into primary and secondary forming machine.The most widely used in foreign countries is the one-time molding machine.Domestic passenger car radial tire molding equipment using the second method forming machine, its embryos all sorts of factors such as the positioning of the storage, transportation, many times the uniformity of the tire, dynamic balance, such as performance has a great influence, could not reach the requirements of forming of high performance tire, the high performance of semi-steel radial tire a method of forming system mainly rely on import, domestic rubber machine enterprise products are not yet mature, weak competitiveness, at present our country only north rubber mechanical and electrical co., LTD., Beijing, Qingdao soft controlled by 625, heng chi intelligence, shenyang LanYing unit can produce a method of forming machine, but the lack of successful application cases in the market.

Radial tire molding machine demand to maintain more than 15%.New demand: the growth of tire demand in China depends on the growth of domestic automobile production, domestic automobile ownership and export. The core assumptions to predict the future demand for molding machines are:

1) assume that in the next two years, the annual growth rate of automobile production in China is 8%, and the annual increase of automobile ownership is about 15 million;

2) the coefficient relationship between matching tires and automobile output is 6.5x;The coefficient relationship between replacement tire and car ownership is 0.95x;

3) from 2011 to 2013, tire exports were divided into 1.5, 1.7 and 1.95 items, excluding the end of 2012 tire special protection case;

4) semi-steel one-time molding machine annually processes 300,000 tires, while all-steel one-time molding machine annually processes 100,000 tires.

Replace requirements: by the end of 2010, the domestic radial tire molding machine estimated quantities not less than 2000 sets, most of them in 2003 after the purchase, because most of the tire molding machine every day 24 hours non-stop continuous production, its service life in 10 years or so, tire molding machine every year our country after 2012 is expected to appear large-scale equipment update requirements, 2013-2020 average annual equipment replacement demand will be more than 250 sets.

In general, the demand for molding machines will maintain a steady growth in 2011-12, with the annual demand approaching 200 units. In 2013, considering the update demand, the demand will rise to about 400 units.