China's Nitrile Glove Market Is About To Usher In An Outbreak Period

- Feb 06, 2021-

The nitrile glove market has great potential. Rubber gloves are essential hand protection products, whether in the industrial field, or in the medical field, or in the field of family daily life. According to data from the China Market Research and Research Center, the Chinese rubber glove market is in the late stage of growth, and the market has a clear trend of expansion.

As a rising star among rubber gloves, nitrile gloves have strong market potential. Throughout the domestic and foreign markets, the market size of nitrile gloves is constantly exceeding expectations. With full industry chain coverage and government support, the nitrile rubber glove market will explode just around the corner! As an innovative product in rubber gloves, nitrile has various advantages, such as: no peculiar smell and no sensitization; it contains polar nitrile groups, and has good oil resistance, benzene resistance, hydrocarbon solvent resistance, heat resistance and aging resistance. ; Excellent wear resistance......

The advantages of nitrile powder-free gloves have been recognized by the market, with a wide range of applications, such as food, chemicals, machinery, auto repair, agriculture, etc., which can be described as covering the entire industry chain.

With the rapid growth of China’s industry, labor laws and other laws and regulations have gradually strengthened the protection of workers, and companies’ investment in labor insurance products has also increased significantly. Nitrile gloves have become a priority for companies when choosing gloves; and in the medical field, Because 12%-30% of the population are allergic to latex, the government and related agencies are gradually increasing the use of nitrile gloves to ensure the safety of medical staff and patients.

According to data, China has become the world's leading consumer of nitrile rubber after the United States and Japan. According to CNKI's data, the demand for nitrile gloves has increased by more than 10% every year. According to a research report by ZionResearch, the nitrile glove market will reach a market size of 485 million US dollars in 2020, which is explosive!

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