China's First Water-based Polyurethane Condom Has Been Officially Released

- Jul 04, 2019-

On May 20, 2017, China's first water-based polyurethane condom -- zhongchuan 001 brand launch was held in Shanghai Himalayan art center.The contract amount reached 131 million yuan, which made a good start.At the same time, online channels are opened simultaneously, jointly with jd for the global launch.And signed the NBA rockets, become the official designated products, pointing to the billion condom consumer market.

The transition from latex condoms to polyurethane condoms is a leapfrog upgrade of the industry

Ever since the invention of condoms, the pursuit of condom thinness has been the ultimate proposition.The normal thickness range of natural latex condoms is 0.04 mm to 0.09 mm.Some have likened it figuratively to "taking a shower in a raincoat."Nakagawa 001 water-based polyurethane condom breaks the limit of latex condom 0.036mm, and makes it "ultra-thin" to is a fifth the thickness of a regular latex condom, almost as thin as a soap bubble.Moreover, it can provide more comfortable experience, softer and more delicate skin-friendly touch, more than the heat conduction speed of ordinary latex condoms, and feel the intimate changes between lovers in real time.

At the same time of bringing the perfect experience, water-based polyurethane condoms without holes, high density characteristics, also greatly enhance the safety of condoms, in addition to effective contraception, but also can effectively block HPV(human papillomavirus), HIV(HIV), HBV(hepatitis b virus) and other viruses.At the same time, water-based polyurethane condoms avoid the protein in traditional latex condoms caused by allergies.

Domestic demand for polyurethane condoms will account for 50% of the consumer market in the future

Before the invention of nakagawa 001, only two Japanese condom manufacturers mastered the production technology of polyurethane condoms. After the introduction of 001 series, they brought condoms into the era of polyurethane. According to relevant survey data, polyurethane condoms have occupied 50% of the Japanese condom market.

As a country with a large population, the annual consumption of condoms in China is up to 9.6 billion, with an annual growth rate of more than 15%. The population of condom users in China is close to 700 million, and the number of regular users is close to 90 million. The overall potential market of condoms is up to 10 billion.Before nakagawa 001 went on sale, Japanese polyurethane condoms sparked a stampede of overseas buyers and even ran out of stock.

Waterborne polyurethane is one of the pioneers in China, the father of China polyurethane condoms, under the guidance of my professor family day health team after 30 years of accumulation theory, more than 20 years of industry practice, has 25 waterborne polyurethane patents, patent technology of waterborne polyurethane condoms resin 20, waterborne polyurethane condoms five patent technology.On August 28, 2016, China's first waterborne polyurethane condom production line was completed and put into production. On December 20, 2016, China became the first to be approved by the food and drug administration.

At the same time, the family has the world's first ten days health - waterborne polyurethane line, China's first waterborne polyurethane condoms line, is the first time for polyurethane condoms and sales licenses of enterprises, the world's only master the waterborne polyurethane resin and water-based polyurethane condoms in the production of double technology company.

Professor wang wusheng said that domestic 001 polyurethane condoms are not only more cost-effective, but also comparable with the international market in terms of quality, health and safety requirements.With the listing of zhongchuan 001 products and the maturity of marketization, water-based polyurethane condoms will occupy 50% of the consumption market in China in the future, with the sales scale reaching to 10 billion.