Brief Introduction And Working Principle Of Balloon Printing Machine

- Oct 24, 2017-


The balloon printing machine is a special kind of latex (rubber) balloons printed on the Enterprise (company) logo, logo, or some pictures, for the major companies to provide publicity for the role of the atmosphere of the machinery and equipment.

Working principle:

A printed picture or font of the screen model fixed on the machine, through the switch control it with the balloon mold distance so that it just pressure to the surface of the balloon, the brush will automatically put the paint has been well adjusted in order to brush. So the font or picture will be printed on the balloon, the pulley-like line will be with pictures or font of the balloon running to the pulley below a certain distance will automatically release the balloon, so that the paint on the balloon dry, neither sticky nor dirty objects. The printing presses can be printed on balloons with 1-5-color, single sided, photos and other relatively complex pictures. Speed visual personnel requirements debugging, can be slow, personalized custom-made. Can be printed balloons 3,000-5,000/time (only for reference, the specific number depends on the speed of each person).