Brief Analysis Of What Are The Precautions For The Glove Dipping Line

- Nov 23, 2020-

Regardless of whether the new and old employees need to improve their production awareness, do a good job in production inspections to avoid production accidents, what should be paid attention to in the glove dipping assembly line? Let's follow the glove dipping assembly line manufacturers to find out.

    1. Do production training.

    Each production and business unit of dipped gloves equipment shall organize a production meeting to resume production and resume production before resuming production. In particular, high-risk industries such as hazardous chemicals should strictly implement preventive measures, be responsible for various measures, formulate supporting emergency plans, and strengthen drills. After returning from vacation, it is important for employees to shift from mental awareness to work. For employees who return to their original positions after a holiday, knowledge training should be conducted to ensure that each employee has basic production knowledge and is familiar with the hazards of the corresponding type of work.

    2. Do a good job inspection.

    After the resumption of production, the principle of inspection and resumption of production shall be followed. It is necessary to inspect and resume production after the resumption of production. Be sure to inspect facilities, facilities, fire emergency facilities, various instruments, pipelines, valves, oil depots, storage facilities for hazardous chemicals, and factory areas. Check the marks inside the factory and the inside marks in the warehouse, and perform special inspections on the wires. After a long vacation, it is inevitable to perform various cleaning operations when resuming work and production. During this period, all production and operating units are not allowed to hire employees to use white electricity, Tina water and other flammable liquids to wipe machinery, equipment and floor oil. Then, when cleaning septic tanks, septic tanks and water tanks, it is recommended to strictly implement strict regulations on limited space operations.

    3. Strengthen the special investigation of fire hazards.

    The climate is dry with little rainfall. This is an area with a high incidence of fire accidents. After the holiday, all production and business units must pay special attention to fire prevention. Establish and improve the fire-fighting responsibility system, strictly perform fire-fighting responsibilities, prevent illegal operations, avoid illegal use of fire, oil, electricity, and gas, and organize regular evacuation drills to improve personnel quality, self-defense and self-rescue capabilities.