Belarus International Plastics Machinery Exhibition 2019

- May 09, 2019-

The exhibition shows

Belarus international plastics machinery exhibition 2019

Exhibition date: September 17 to 20, 2019

Venue: Minsk international exhibition center

Exhibition period: once a year

Exhibition introduction:

PLASTEC is belarus, plastic machinery, equipment and technology international professional exhibition.The exhibition area of the last exhibition was about 5,300 square meters, with 375 exhibitors and more than 8,900 professional visitors from different industries communicating in this exhibition and looking for new partners.The plastics and polymers market is one of the most steadily growing and dynamic markets in the republic of belarus.Despite the crisis in the world economy, its consumption is growing steadily.Plastics and polymers are the most important structural materials in modern processes and machines, and they have won more new niches in production, cutting out traditional materials - metals, wood, textiles, glass, paper, etc.

Market background:

Belarus is a landlocked country on the western plain of eastern Europe. It borders Russia in the east, Ukraine in the south, Poland in the west, Lithuania in the northwest and Latvia in the north.It covers an area of 207,600 sq km and has a population of 9.5 million (at the end of 2017).The industrial park development plan of the republic of belarus provides the main direction for the development of high-tech polymer production by 2020.Based on organic and non-organic polymers, composites and fiberglass, it creates modern structural materials for production.In addition, it should be emphasized that the special economic zone of belarus, the belarusian Chinese industrial park, covers an area of 80 square kilometers.The industrial park has a special legal system that ensures comfortable operating conditions and makes good use of the Chinese partnership.To set up within the framework of park development investment projects, including the creation of polymer products project: 3 d printers, auto parts, made of plastic Pigments, plastic packaging, plastic machinery, etc., have very good market prospect.

Exhibit area:

Production of plastic machinery and equipment: plastic & rubber production machinery and equipment;Extruders and extrusion equipment;Injection molding machines and equipment;Recovery equipment;Blow molding & foam machinery;Finishing, coating, labelling and printing equipment;Plastic welding equipment.Raw materials: thermoplastics, elastomers, durable plastics, foam, composite materials.Glass fiber and metal polymer.Natural rubber and rubber.Biological plastics and ecological plastics.

Semi - finished products: synthetic fibers and sutures, filaments, profiles, parts, leaves, tubes.

Coating ingredients: polymer resin, additives, fillers, pigments, concentrates, chemicals, adhesives.

Reinforcement materials and fibers;Plastic and rubber products, finished products;Polymer and rubber industrial services;Additive technology;Polymer packaging and bonding film.