Bangkok International Plastic And Rubber Exhibition, Thailand

- Aug 02, 2019-

The exhibition to introduce

Thailand plastic and rubber exhibition is a comprehensive plastic and rubber exhibition organized by Germany Dusseldorf exhibition company and co-organized by Thailand plastic industry association and Thailand industry federation.The exhibition not only has a great influence in Thailand, but also has a large market in southeast Asia, China and other places under the promotion of Dusseldorf exhibition company.Therefore, young Thailand rubber and plastic exhibition and the market similar exhibition occupies the same market share and more profound development potential.

From September 2009, Bangkok international exhibition center welcomed Thailand international rubber and plastic exhibition and Thailand international packaging and printing exhibition two grand events, Thailand and southeast Asia many plastic, rubber industry and packaging, printing industry manufacturers, traders, dealers to visit the exhibition and negotiate.The exhibition scale and the trade result greatly surpasses these two exhibition last year's total. 

Market analysis

Thailand is the world's largest producer and exporter of natural rubber, rubber Thailand occupies an important position in the international market.Since 2007, bilateral trade between Thailand and China has grown rapidly. In the first half of this year, total bilateral trade between Thailand and China reached 15.1 billion us dollars, up 30.7%.Thailand's imports from China were $8.15 billion, up 28.1 percent.

As the third largest export market and the second largest source of imports for Thailand, China accounts for an increasing proportion of Thailand's import and export market.The Thai plastics industry association says Thailand is already exploring other areas of plastics, including multilayer packaging and bio-plastics, especially the multilayer films widely used in food packaging.In addition, we know from previous exhibitions that there is a good market for plastic raw materials and plastic additives.Thailand international rubber &plastic exhibition is a good platform for China rubber industry manufacturers to expand their business territory to Thailand.By participating in this exhibition, I can communicate with many local professional buyers or visitors from other countries and actively trade with them.

Exhibits range

1. Plastic and rubber machinery and equipment: pre-processing, recycling and utilization machinery and equipment, processing machinery, post-processing machinery, decoration, printing and marking machinery, welding machine, etc.; 

2. Raw materials and chemicals: adhesives, additives, elastomers, fillers and reinforcing materials, modifiers, active resins, rubber and synthetic fibers, pigments and colorants, thermoplastics, thermosetting plastics and other chemicals;

3. Measuring, controlling and testing equipment

4, mechanical tools, components: air compressor, screw, pressure roller, barrel, barrel, roller, nozzle, nozzle, heating components, blade scraper, pump;

5. Plastic packaging area: plastic packaging machinery and supplies, plastic bag forming machine, bottle filling machine, labeling machine, packaging materials, pet bottle blowing machine, shrink packaging machine, vacuum machine, ordinary packaging machine and others