Balloon Dipping Production Line And Balloon Adornment

- Nov 30, 2018-

Balloon adornment, as the name implies, draw materials people again familiar with the traditional toy that does not pass namely -- balloon, through changeful colour combination, vivid modelling is designed, with balloon braid all sorts of modelling foil happy atmosphere, will decorate adorn the occasion of all sorts of festival activity.

Balloon decoration is also a fashion, creative, unique art.It can choose the ball of different color according to the different demand of people, use braid, bundle, twine, Mosaic, stickup, empty wave to wait for a method, and construct the word of different plane, stereo and graph.


The material of the balloon production equipment is latex. The machine soaked the clamps with the balloon grinding tool into the container with the latex and then put them into the oven for drying. After the specified temperature and time, the equipment was taken out of the oven and the completed balloon was removed from the mold.By sticking talcum powder on it, the whole process is completed.