Automatic Glove Counting Machine

- Oct 24, 2017-

Product Introduction:

Equipment in the demoulding machine drive rack to obtain synchronous signal and release machine speed synchronization, gloves to reach the device photoelectric switch monitoring range, start work, count, without gloves when the equipment is in readiness state. Through the photoelectric switch to detect and reduce the number of gloves, PLC control servo in accordance with the program set the action of grasping, placing, conveying gloves, and then the operator according to the touch screen display missing only a few to fill up the gloves, cartoning.

Working principle:

The speed of the point machine is matched with that of the assembly line, and the semi-automatic stripping machine is used to remove the gloves on the assembly line. Enter the automatic points machine, through the number of photoelectric switch record, unilateral each after 4 hand, the number of machine pulling gloves once, every 25 times (can be adjusted per box only), pick material machine once, then the workers timely packaging , the action completely by PLC programmable controller control, encountered no gloves into the point machine, the program will automatically deduct the number of not unplugged and no gloves, the final display displays the number of the number of machines actually pulled out of the glove quantity.

Equipment Advantages:

Small size, small footprint, easy installation and commissioning, adopt roller-type gloves, no damage to gloves, simple machine structure, small failure rate, easy maintenance, low cost of normal use, equipment use 220V power supply (can be selected according to working conditions), no gas source, the local noise <40db, simple operation, high safety performance, Due to the realization of automatic points, reduce the intensity of work, so can be online timely packaging, each line can reduce the number of workers 2-3, greatly improving production efficiency, reduce production costs.