Automated Mask Machine Is Reliable And Durable

- Jun 12, 2020-

Mask machine parameters:

   1. Floor area: length × width × height 4700mm × 1200mm × 1700mm;

   2. Applicable mask types: ordinary medical mask YT0969, surgical mask Y0469;

   3. Product specifications: 175mm×95mm;

   4. Production cycle: 120 pieces/minute;

   5. Applicable material: PP non-woven composite fiber;

   6. Applicable layers: 3 layers;

   7. Processing method: ultrasonic welding;

   8, air pressure: 0.6MPa;

   9. Power: 6kW;

   10. Power supply: single-phase 220V/50Hz or three-phase 380V/50Hz.

  Mask mask machine features:

   1. Fully automatic feeding system:

   Aluminum alloy frame, strong and beautiful, to ensure accurate dimensions of finished products;

  Stainless steel fixture, adjustable left and right;

  Tension wheel setting, adjust the tension of the fabric width, so as to effectively ensure the appearance and smoothness of the finished product;

   Independent nose line delivery group, convenient for adjustment and maintenance.

   2. Folding molding system: insert folding device, simple and quick adjustment, large diameter welding wheel, effectively reduce product deformation

The mask punching machine mainly uses the principle of ultrasonic welding and automatic edge banding to complete the welding and punching process of the edge of the cup mask. The finished product of the mask body is placed on the machine conveying device, passes through the pull cylinder, and then After the ultrasonic flower wheel is pressed and welded, the strap is cut to output the finished product. Only one person needs to place the mask body on the conveyor belt of the machine, and the rest of the subsequent work is completed automatically. This is a production process.

  The output system of the mask tablet machine are:

   1. Form two pieces at a time to increase production speed;

   2. The product discharge position, automatic stacking, convenient for finishing and stacking of finished products, saving time and effort for the next process of ear strap welding;

   3. The performance of the whole machine is stable, the production speed is continuously adjustable, the production efficiency is high, up to 160 pieces per minute, the counting is convenient and accurate, the raw material utilization rate is high, the operation and adjustment are simple and convenient, the degree of automation is high, and the labor cost is effectively reduced.