Application Of Labor Protection Gloves In Various Industries

- May 23, 2019-

The protective effects of labor protection gloves in the industry are as follows:

1, the role of mechanical protection

Glove material: foamed nitrile coating/natural rubber coating /PVC impregnated gloves

Main USES: automotive and transportation, metal processing, glass, machinery and equipment, construction and engineering, logistics and warehousing, electronics.

Protective features: these gloves are designed to prevent cutting, abrasion, and puncture, and provide grip for handling materials in a dry or wet environment.These gloves also offer varying degrees of moisture resistance and a variety of special properties, as well as dexterity and comfort.

2, the role of chemical protection

Material of gloves: PVC rubber gloves/nitrile rubber material

Main USES: chemical, pharmaceutical, maintenance, automotive and transportation, metal processing, construction and engineering, property services

Protective features: designed to provide excellent splash or full immersion protection against various chemicals and liquids.These gloves also provide varying degrees of mechanical protection against harsh conditions.

3. Protective effect of product workers

Glove material: ultra - thin nitrile rubber material

Main industries: chemical, pharmaceutical, electronics

Protective features: these gloves are designed to protect products and workers in specially managed environments.These protective gloves have characteristics compatible with a variety of USES, including medical laboratories, clean rooms, electronics, food processing and food services.

4, food processing protection

Glove material: PVC material (powder free) more disposable

Main industries: ready to sell packaging, fruit and vegetable processing, deep processing zones, dairy processing

Protective features: these gloves are designed to protect workers and products in the food processing industry.The unique grip design provides unparalleled grip in wet, dry or oily environments.In addition to grip, gloves also have the main characteristics required for processing applications: elasticity and dexterity.