Analysis On The Development Status And Trend Of Disposable Health Protective Gloves Industry In China In 2018

- May 04, 2019-

Development status of disposable health protective gloves industry

Disposable health protective gloves can be divided into medical level and non-medical level according to quality grade and use. Medical gloves refer to products that need to meet the quality certification system or access standards of the target country's medical market, and are mainly used in medical surgery, medical examination, medical care and other fields.The quality standard of non-medical-grade gloves is lower than that of medical-grade gloves, which cannot meet the standard of medical use requirements, but can be used in food processing, electronic chemical industry, household cleaning and sanitation and other fields.The most important index to distinguish medical level from non-medical level is pinhole rate, which can stabilize the core competitiveness of enterprises producing medical disposable gloves.One-time health protective gloves, medical grade products, in particular, its quality and performance is good or not directly affect the hospitals, nursing homes and care institutions such as the level of infection, infection rate as an important measure of health care quality, medical institutions of various types at present is one of the important standards of rating, so both hospital and patients are on quality, safety, higher level of disposable medical gloves has strong demand.Manufacturing disposable health protective gloves with higher quality, safer, environmental protection and easy to use requires not only continuous innovation of raw material formula and raw material preparation process by the manufacturer, but also continuous improvement of management and production process control level by the manufacturer.Among the four kinds of gloves, latex gloves are mainly used for medical operations and belong to medical gloves.PE gloves are mainly used in the catering industry, belonging to non-medical gloves;Nitrile gloves and PVC gloves have both medical and non-medical grades.

(1) PVC gloves

PVC gloves were invented by Oak Technical LLC in the late 1950s.In the 1980s, when AIDS was confirmed and the global outbreak was concentrated, PVC gloves grew rapidly in the European and American markets. With the implementation of compulsory instructions and laws on hand protection of medical workers in European and American countries, good habits have been formed in the field of medical care.Although PVC gloves were invented in the United States, the technology has been improved in China. Chinese enterprises began to introduce the production technology of PVC gloves in the 1990s. After years of development, the technology of Chinese enterprises producing PVC gloves has become very mature.

Nitrile gloves

Nitrile gloves belong to the high-end products of health protective gloves. They are mainly used in industries with high requirements on protection, dust resistance, chemical resistance, oil resistance and mechanical protection.Although nitrile gloves are used in the same field as PVC gloves, they are gradually replacing some latex gloves and PVC gloves due to their better performance in anti-static, tensile and comfort, and their market share is also gradually increasing.Nitrile gloves were originally mainly produced in Malaysia and other southeast Asian countries. Domestic enterprises began to introduce nitrile glove production technology from Malaysia and other countries at the beginning of this century.Due to the relatively advanced technology required for the production of nitrile gloves, and the construction cost of the production line is much higher than that of the PVC production line, there is a certain technical and financial threshold to enter the nitrile glove production industry.At present, the enterprises that have introduced nitrile glove production line have accumulated years of production experience and customer resources in the PVC glove production industry.In addition, the introduction of advanced production equipment and domestic industrial supporting facilities also make the domestic nitrile glove industry develop rapidly. The quality and price of nitrile gloves produced by domestic manufacturers have been gradually accepted by customers.

Disposable health protective gloves will be dominated by nitrile and PVC gloves, and the proportion of nitrile gloves will gradually increase

While demand amount of one-time health protective gloves, nitrile, latex, PVC, PE, the ratio between the four product structure will change, PE gloves is often used in the food processing industry, but has to wear easy damaged, use is convenient and flexible operation degree has the features such as, belongs to a one-time health protective gloves in the low-end product, because cheap and is often used, as people income level enhancement and the improvement of life quality requirements, the use of PE gloves proportion will gradually reduced.Although the latex gloves are comfortable to wear and have excellent adhesion, the collagen in the latex gloves is easy to cause part of human body allergy and has natural defects.Nitrile gloves and PVC gloves with good waterproof, acid and alkali resistance and chemical resistance, can be successfully cut off bacteria, prevent infiltration, its much better than PE gloves on safety protection function, and have no worse than latex gloves, in the field of in vitro examination, nitrile gloves and PVC gloves include all the functions of latex gloves, and there is no allergy, so in the field of in vitro examination, nitrile gloves and PVC gloves are alternative latex gloves.Between nitrile gloves and PVC gloves, nitrile gloves are significantly better than PVC gloves in terms of comfort and stretch.Due to the limitation of raw materials and production process, PVC gloves can no longer significantly reduce the weight of gloves, while nitrile gloves can reduce the weight of gloves while ensuring the same strength and toughness with the optimization of formula and improvement of production process, thus improving the wearing experience of gloves.Nitrile gloves in addition, with the formula and process improvements, nitrile gloves and sales price difference between PVC gloves are gradually narrowed, the comparative advantage of nitrile gloves have become more and more obvious, regardless of whether they are from Europe and the United States and other developed countries import data, or from the point of China's export figures, nitrile gloves market demand of one-time health protective gloves showed a trend of gradually increase the proportion of the total demand.